What is most useful,- Android or Apple IOS?

I’m in the market for a new phone and wonder what the most useful OS would be. I’m mostly thinking about the use of CGM. At the moment I’m using Dexcom G4, and don’t know when G5 will be available in my country (Norway) but my guess is 2017. My Dexcom G4 is currently integrated with my pump (Animas Vibe), and i would love to have the same information on my phone and maybe a watch. The share-function is of no interest.

Is there any difference between Apple IOS and Android or are they the same in 2017?

Dexcom data is only available currently on Apple iPhones. The Android solution is an open-source community project.

Thanks, Dave26. Do you know if the Android solution is coming soon or is it impossible to predict?


It depends on who you are I think.

If you want to get a professionally packaged solution, Apple is best because many providers have Apple apps and connectivity - not alway true of Android.

If you are a techie, the open-source world is on Android, and this is where the better integrated third-party solutions will be, I think. But you will have to do a good bit of integration and DIY with help from the open-source community.

We set up my son (the T1D of the family) and my wife on Apple. But I (a techie) remain on Android, and intend to experiment with open-source projects. On the whole, I would recommend Apple as the way to go, but with the awareness that you may not benefit from open-source projects.

Thanks for the info, @WestOfPecos. Do you have any idea if Android soon will provide a Dexcom G5 mobile app? Or is this sort of thing impossible to predict?

I think it is impossible for us to predict.

For instance, last May, they were announcing their new G5-compatible sensor and transmitter for Q4 2016, but now they won’t even update their prediction. Some of their dsitributors are talking Q2 2017 for that. So extrapolating when their Android app will come out is very hard: it depends on what internal priority they have on it. It could be this quarter, or not in the next couple of years.

I am speaking as a US user. Possibly a European distributor may have more information for some specific reason? It may be worth your giving a call to the local distributor. Here, in the US, the distributors know more about Dexcom’s product schedule than the Dexcom customer support employees.

Thanks, I´ll contact them tomorrow.

@Siri, there is a DOC open-source solution on Android called “xdrip”, with a particular variant called xdrip+ that I and a few other people here are using right now. I use it with a Dexcom G5 transmitter. I view data on both my Android smartphone and my Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch.

Setting this up and getting it working with a G5 is pretty easy. I have no doubt that, if you decided to go with an Android phone, the DOC (including us here) can help get you up and running very easily.

Either solution will meet the needs you’ve expressed – Apple or Android. Apple will have official, direct support from Dexcom; problems with the Android solution are supported through the online community.

OK, thanks. I don´t really get the xdrip-system. Is it a closed loop-thing or just a way to get the infrrmation from your sensor to another screen than the original setup with the pump screen/Dexcom receiver?

xdrip is conceptually no different than the Dexcom app on the iPhone. It collects BG readings and displays them.

It has some other neat features to help manage insulin and carbohydrate consumption, but you don’t have to use any of this.

Even if many people think the Apple’s price is so higher than Android phone, but for phone privacy or security management,I think the iPhone is doing a great job on that.And it’s also very prominent in terms of data recovery.