Dexcom G5 Android app almost here!

Woohoo! For those of us that have Android and don’t do Xdrip (+), the official Dexcom app is almost here! The FDA just approved it.

This looks like it will help a lot of Android/G5 users. Some Android users, however, may still be left out. From the linked article:

“The new Android app has been thoughtfully designed with customer needs and feedback in mind. It focuses on delivering technology that empowers users by putting critical glucose information on their phones and is compatible with the most popular Android devices currently in the market,” said CEO Kevin Sayer. [emphasis added]

This is a large accomplishment for Dexcom as the Android world is much more diverse technically than the iPhone market. I hope that the company can deliver well to this new smartphone demographic as it covers a large percentage of G5 users.

It’s true, some Android users running older equipment might indeed be left out. I personally have been using XDrip+ with a great degree of accuracy and no forced software limit on the transmitters. I am able to get ~6 months on a transmitter instead of the 3 months/3 weeks/3 days software limit on the G5 receiver. Even so, I am very happy to see a Dexcom Android app!

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I was so happy to hear this news, but when i go to my Google Play Store on my Samsung S6 Edge, there is no app, only the Dexcom Follow! So is it really available for anyone here?

I have the Galaxy 8 and no update as yet. I did call Dexcom and they said that they are working on it…i guess a few more weeks.

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