Dex sensors on arms?

I’m moving from the Navigator CGMS to the Dexcom and am wondering about placing sensors on upper arms? Navigator sensors work well there and easy to insert. Watching videos and questions I’ve put out in a few locations would seem to indicate that such location for the Dexcom sensor may be a tad problematic.


Nolan Kienitz
Plano, TX

dexcom is not tested on arms,the results may be not realistic.I found navigator not good,dexcom instead was excellent!dexcom gave me results the same of blood.

I imagine it would be the same type of problem as giving an injection in your own arm. The instructions for placing the sensor say that you should pinch the area around the sensor while you are inserting.

I place mine on my arm all the time. The insertion can be a little tricky but it can be done with a little foresight. As far as pinching, if my boyfriend isn’t around to help, I just hold my arm against a counter or door jam and that works just fine - although probably looks a little funny. One thing I was told by my trainer was that if using the arm, you want to place the sensor parallel to the length of your arm - this is because of the curve of your arm is more pronounced than the abdomen and if you place it the other way it is hard for the long sensor to stay stuck on both ends. I also found that you want to place the sensor on the fleshiest part of your arm for best results and make sure the wire is going in at that spot - for me that is far to the back and half way up my upper arm. In order to keep the placement high and above the end of my sleeve, I position the purple inserter so that the end with the injector is pointing toward my shoulder. Lastly, depending on how you sleep, the arm can be a little problematic at night - I get a lot more ??? readings at night when I sleep on the side of the sensor due either to just putting pressure on the sensor or I read something about blood flow to the arm being blocked so the interstitial fluid there isn’t as reliable for BG readings. I googled " Dexcom insertion on arm" when I first tried and found lots of helpful blogs and you Tube How-To videos. Good luck!

can you tell me about readings? are they good? are they near the BG?

Caleb uses his arms and the reading have been excellent. No issues whatsoever.

I’ve seen no difference in the quality of readings from my arm verses any other site,

lorraine please give a kiss to Caleb , I love him!:wink: it’s wonderful,no difference between arms and belly? amazing!

A lot of people do wear the Dex sensors on their arms & get good readings but they are hard to put there yourself. I was a former Navigator user also and those were easy to put on your arms without help but there is no way I can put the Dex on my arm without assistance so I only used my arm once. I did have good results when I did.

Thanks pumpy - will do.

Caleb wore it on his tush - never belly simply because that’s one of his Pod sites. We moved it to the arm to let his skin repair on his tush. I think the arm was a little more accurate. It’s never perfect, but we seemed to have less issues with the arm (though we still have skin issues no matter where we put it).

I’ve worn both the Dex and the Nav on my arm and I think they both work there great and give very good numbers.

Anngelia - I’m sure I’ll figure out a reasonably smooth way to set the Dex on my upper arm, but am interested in some of the steps you take when placing on your arms.

Setting the Navigator is simple … the Dex needs that extra hand that may not quite reach or be available … albeit utilizing a door-casing may provide a good solution.

With the exception of my initial insertion with the Dexcom trainer, I have been wearing my sensor on my arms with no major issues. I sometimes notice a difference between left arm and righ arm readings (left is spot on, right not as close) but I attribute that to placement; skiing injury years ago gives me about 80% range of motion in my shoulder. As far as the skin pinch, I have not done that ever so I don’t need assistance, by holding my arm against my body (trying to be relaxed) maybe there is enough bunching of the skin. In any case, it seems to work with me. What I do ocassionally need help from my wife or a door jamb for is the removal of the inserter from the sensor. I have a game of trying to use a door jamb to pry it loose (while pinching release tabs on the sensor) and catch it before it hits the ground. I am batting about .500!

I read your post about placing the Dexcom sensor on your arm have a question. I put one in last night, its up and down on my arm, and gave good readings and calibrated fine before bed. I woke up this morning with ???, and after looking back on my graph is appears the ??? started shortly after I fell asleep. Will the ??? go away after you are awake? What have you done to minimize the ??? at night?
I’m waiting for it to go away and am thinking about inserting a new sensor. Should I wait it out? THanks!