Dex upgrade for free when g4 sensor comes out?

Hi All, curious, still considering dex purchase ( cash eeks) for my daughter kennedy. Hearing about the new dex coming out soon and wondering will I get a free upgrade on the receiver when the new sensors come out? NOT going to pay 1k twice...

Dexcom made it pretty clear during the last quarterly earnings call that there will be no free upgrades.

hmmm... I wonder what the price would be, same as a replacement receiver? 450 $ or something?

Both transmitter and receiver must be replaced.

oh crap! so like a grand, then... ugggg, guess I'm buying that dexcom stock then, maybe i can make amy money back that way, ha ha

I am very grateful to Dexcom investors. The company has lost money 13 years in a row. Dexcom never had a quarter in which they turned a profit. I hope the investors eventually will make some of their money back. I lost a lot of money when I bought TiVo shares. Same story. Great product, bad investment.

These companies claim new gear all the time, and it always takes several more years than they plan. I wouldn't count on a new version anytime soon. I've yet to see any medical device get free upgrades unfortunately. Insurance companies may allow a new one after the warranty expires, which for Dexcom is one year.

if you ask they will tell you the device is warrantied for a year so next year you just buy the new one ...

". Also our warranty is for 1 year so you will be eligible to get a new Dexcom after 1 year anyways.

"Dexcom is waiting for approval of our 4th Generation sensor. It is currently at the FDA and there is no telling when it will be approved.

Upgrades have been offered by pump manufactures due to the cost of the pump ($6000 and up) and the long 4 year warranty. There will not likely be an upgrade pathway for the G4 due to our short warranty time (1year).

As far as waiting for a the new product – that is a decision for you and your MD to make. I know it can be a tough call (kind of like waiting for a new Iphone ) but unlike Apple, we are at the mercy of the FDA.
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I am on my first sensor now with Dex. Before I bought, I asked the rep about an upgrade path and was told that there is not going to be an upgrade because the out of pocket expense for CGM is relatively low. When I asked about the timeline for 4th gen, he guessed that they are 8-9 months away from release.
I figure that I'll stick with 3gen until they integrate 4g with the new OmniPod PDM--then pay for the upgrade. I'm still in the honeymoon phase with the dex--it's great seeing the trends... So weird to watch my stable BG climb from bedtime to morning with no new carbs onboard. I may change my basal...

DXCM stock has almost doubled YTD.