Dexcom receiver death is killing me :(

Hello my fellow t1Ds
I am looking for a possible solution for my dead Dexcom receiver, some way of retouching its guts massaging its brains, softening its heart. suggestions and sharing of experiences are superwelcome!
not covered by insurance, Hypo unawareness :(

It's much more fun hacking working devices, but go for it! I've tried uncompiling the latest firmware that they released, but had zero luck. Most insurance will replace your receiver after 1 year anyway, working or not. So check into that and you may end up with a working one that you can have at.

Hi Scott, I was giving some thoughts at the nightscouts, having the glycemias in my wrist sound appealing :)
Petty no other options arriving at 65 of age (besides death), Medicare refuses to cover CGM even for T1s, prefers to spend ten times more in hospitals and complications :( strange way of saving money (the bureaucrat style! rant-rant)
have great holidays!

Clau - I'm feeling for you. I'm in same boat as you - paying out of pocket eventually for use of the Dexcom G4. I was lucky enough, here in Canada, to have an islet cell transplant recipient no longer needing to use hers. She gave me the whole kit and kaboodle .. and I'm loving it (I have a box of 4 sensors). Not sure how long the receiver will last , but just enjoying every day. Whether I'll continue - since the Receiver here in Canada is $700 and transmitter $800 along with $340 for the 4pk of sensors ... I'm not sure. I'm close to retirement, so without a good salary coming in, it's probably a luxury item at that point, like my pump is. I wish Canada had more private insurance that comvered products like this, but sadly, we're not as advanced as America is in that area of private insurance. You're either covered by province for some items (e.g. pumps - not CGMS) - or via group insurance from work ... if you qualify as a full time employee.

Like you say, if Medicare in the USA and the same for my country of Canada would take the approach at what these devices can do - to free up ER / and other complications from diabetes that has not been well controlled .. millions would be saved in healthcare just with ability for us to use these devices (if we use them correctly - I know of some who don't - they give us a bad name).

Hi Anna, I am happy for (with!) you :) the transmitter that should last 6 month can have a change of batteries, check in this link and the receiver has just one year of life, couldn't find a way out, you know that the sensors lifes can be also more than the 7 days isn't it? well, we are at the mercy of merchants with white coats, and research that takes so much money from the taxes, return as profits for the heath companies and here insurances :( ahhh so easy and useless to rant...well, have a great new year!!