Dexcom 7 Plus!

I was on dexcom website today and saw that they came out with an upgrade to the Seven System. The new Dexcom uses the same sensors as the Seven but the receiver has more features. These features include trend arrows, event markers, more viewing filds such as 24 hrs. I called dexcom and they said it would be a 200$ upgrade to the new Seven Plus! Anyone else hear anything about this???

I’m pretty sure it is not actually the same sensor. I was talking to a Dexcom sales rep recently and he told me the differences:

-Sensor is more accurate
-May last longer
-White instead of black

And there was much rejoicing!


You are right, i just got off the phone with my rep. He is in San Diego right now being trained on it. The sensor is the same but the algorithms have been enhanced to improve accuracty and reduce the amount of data gaps. It is a grey-white color as well. He said most likely if you upgrade you will get a new transmitter but the receiver will be the same. The receiver can be updated through a patch that you can download from dexcom. He also mentioned that probably a completly new system will be out next year with new everything!

There are meant to be more customization options for alarms (long overdue). Some time ago I’d heard they were trying to figure out how to make the sensor less sensitive to acetaminophen, but I don’t think it’ll be in the version.

I’m hoping to get one of these in the next week or so. I’m meeting with the New England Dexcom rep next Monday. I’ll let you all know what I find out on my blog.

That’s great information. I heard about it this morning (from another post on this site), but didn’t realize the upgrade was so… affordable. I’ll call them right now.

… Ok, called and ONE IMPORTANT NOTE: Unless you’re super-special (like Bernard above and so many other people I keep hearing about who have special deals worked out with Dexcom), current Dexcom users have to wait until May to get the upgrade. They’re still waiting on FDA approval. You can buy a whole new kit now, but to get the cheaper ($199) upgrade, you have to wait until at least May. At which point, it will work like Brian said and you’ll get a new transmitter for use with upgraded software on your current receiver (such that your current receiver will appear to work differently).


I was told that it would probably be available in a couple of weeks. Obiviously there is a lot of mis communicationg going on at dexcom. When i called the actual dexcom office they didnt seem to know too much about the new system. They did not know the specifics of the system and could not even tell me what was different other than the fact that there was a new transmitter. My clinical specialist with dexcom told me today that it would just be a few weeks. She was in San Diego as well for the training. She is going to give me a call when she returns about the exact specifics. Apparently the software to upgrade the receiver of current dexcom users is what still needs to be approved by the FDA. I will keep everything posted when i hear something new.

I just called on Monday and am a current Dexcom 7 user, but they “upgraded me” via my insurance for free. I should be getting my new kit (Seven plus) tomorrow. They said if I waited till after the FDA cleared it, insurance would not cover it and I would have had to pay $649, but since it was before, I get it covered by insurance (I really don’t know how this works, but I’m not complaining!) My insurance just started covering at 100% as of Sept. 08 for supplies.

I still have the old sensors (black) which they said would work, but can’t wait till I run out of those to get the white ones. Will be much better for summer with lighter color clothing.


The sensors are the same i believe and the transmitter is the thing that is white. The only change in the dexcom seven plus are the transmitter and the receiver. The dexcom seven sensors are the same as the dexcom seven sensors and the transmitter is the part that is white and you should get the white transmitter when you get your new kit.

It would be helpful if Dexcom would set us all straight on the pricing policy of the Dexcom Seven Plus. My sales rep told me today that because my Dexcom Seven receiver is old (out of warranty) my only option would be to buy the Seven Plus at list which I was told is $1,248. However, because I was considered a “good and steady customer” I was offered the Seven Plus at $799. I was also promised a four-pack of sensors thrown in at that price. Bernard’s review of the Seven Plus has convinced me that the enhancements are too valuable to be missed, so I have ordered it.

I just received my upgrade from the Seven to the Seven plus and inserted my first sensor, so far so good and the upgrade process was very simple. For $200 they sent me a new transmiter and DM3 along with a code to upgrade my current receiver. Through a simple download my receiver had the interface of the seven plus. So far it is really cool and although it is still early in my trial, i believe it is a lot better than the seven. I will let people know how it goes this next week!

I just started on the Plus yesterday! So far a little inaccurate, but it may be my sensor site. I noticed it didn’t swing so much while I slept. The UI is better than the Seven was, for sure (I did a trial on the Seven, then my insurance approved the Plus). I’m pretty psyched about the information I can get from having a CGM all the time…

Finished up my first session with the Seven Plus and wow it is day and night compared to the regular seven. I had about 3 data gaps for the entire seven days and they only last a few minutes. Other than that is was a continuous glucose trend with minimal gaps and surprisingly accurate readings. My glucose readings were usually within 20 points of my meter and sometimes they were only a point or two off. There were only two times during the seven days in which the meter readings were greater than 20 points off from dexcom. The calibrations have also been majorly upgraded. As soon as i entered the glucose readings into the receiver the readinngs of the dexcom would automatically calibrate to be within range of the meter. It is not like the previous seven model in which you would enter a glucose value and it would appear that nothing was changing on the dexcom. With the plus the change is instant and it automatically begins calibrating to the close to the meter reading. Overall, the accuracy and the few data gaps has made me extremely with the seven plus and it is far superior the the seven. Now i cant wait for animas to launch their new pump so i can use the dex and the pump together!

They wanted $800 from me for the upgrade and I am VERY unhappy about it.

I have spent a TON of money with these people, using the system continuously (as in, sensor on almost 24x7) since it first became available in mid 2006, and paying out of pocket when insurance wouldn’t cover, and instead of getting a deal, I am getting charged quadruple what someone who just started a few months ago and only uses it every once in a while pays.

I can’t tell you how disappointed I am, and did not place an order - maybe time to switch to the Navigator instead. {Sigh}

I hope to have mine soon. I have began the process with the rep. Just waiting for paperwork. Any advice, suggestions?

If this is your first time with a cgm? Do not get frusterated your first time b/c it will take some getting use to. There will be data gaps and sometimes the receiver will be out of range for what seems like no reason. But it is all worth it in the end, i mean, the first session will probably not be the greatest b/c it will take some time to get use to it. I love the results and data that is collected over the seven days. The Seven plus was a huge improvement from the regular seven, like it was definently a 100x better. But yea let me know what other questions you have!

Boy have I been in that boat. This thing is killing me money wise. I noted in March that my Seven failed twice, the second time out of warranty. So I paid the $799 for the Seven Plus. The alarm is the huge improvement over the previous piercing shriek. It is more intuitive and calibrates quickly. That said, I was able to wear the sensor for two to three weeks on the first Seven and noted only a slight decrease in accuracy in the final week. Now, it is COMPLETELY inaccurate after the first week, often running hundreds of points off. How about hypoglycemia as it shows 165? It happened while I was driving and I frigging wrecked my car! How did that happen? Hey DexCom, explain why your CGM was showing 165 when the EMTs measured it in the field at 40? Yeah it was calibrated it just isn’t accurate after the first week and it took destroying my new car and two days in the hospital to learn that lesson.

So now I have to spend even more to change out the sensors every week. Kaiser (Oregon) still refuses to cover it even though it is covered by other Kaiser locations. Then, last week, my Seven Plus just stopped working again! Some sort of internal battery error. They immediately FedEx’d me a replacement overnight and I got it the morning of July 3rd. And wouldn’t you know. They sent me the original Seven. It does have the software upgrade, but still uses most of the original programming and air-horn alert siren that can’t be deactivated or turned down unlike the new Plus which is much better. I called DexCom but they were closed for the holiday weekend. My grey/white Plus transmitter won’t work with the original Seven receiver so I am screwed yet again by DexCom. I know it wasn’t intentional but for what they charge for the equipment and sensors, they should do better.

Holiday activities and no CGM. Thanks DexCom. I have spent thousands of dollars, suffered through four CGM failures in 18 months, and yet I know I have to use this device to stay alive and DexCom has me by the manhood and I am REALLY frustrated and really broke. Yeah, I am sighing too.

Hello, I just started on the Dexcom and as a result I have the upgraded seven (seven plus) I don’t know how the old one was set up so I can’t really tell you if I like it better or not. I can tell you that I really do like the features of the arrows telling you if you are trending up and down, and how fast you are trending. Also I don’t know if this was on the last one, but you can mark certain events to your blood sugars, such as exercise, how many carbs you’ve eaten, how much insulin you have given. So far I love it. I’m glad that you mentioned acetominaphen because I had an extremely high blood sugar and I didn’t even think that I had just taken tylenol. Hope this helps!!

I started the process of switching to the Medtronic integrated pump and CGMS today.

The customer service policy of charging the people who have given them the most money extra for the upgrade has turned me off to Dexcom.