Dexcom 7+ Receiver - Reinitialize?

Hey All,

I’ve had the Dex for about a month now and it is truly awesome. Helping me adjust basals, knowing trends the works, etc. The only issue I’ve had so far is my receiver tends to “Re-initialize” once every 1.5-2 weeks. Essentially, it just reboots, but I don’t lose any data and the sensor doesn’t need to go through another 2 hour “get wet” period. I called DexCom and they said that this issue is not normal but they are aware of it as it has happened to only a “few” others.

So…I got the new receiver yesterday, opened it up and got it ready to go. But, I noticed that the OK button is not as resistive when you press down on it as my current receiver is. Maybe I’m just picky, but it felt pretty loose and I felt that after a month or two of usage the button wouldn’t even work anymore. Plus I’m paying a pretty penny for this thing as I’m sure we all are…all in all it just seemed like shotty engineering or quality control. I’m on my third receiver in less than a month!

So I have two questions for you all…

  1. Has your DexCom receiver randomly Re-initialized?
  2. Have you had any issues with the buttons on your receiver?

Thanks for your help!

I had a problem on Sunday. My Dex receiver kept trying to “upload data to PC.” It wasn’t connected to a PC at the time, and it was in an endless loop of trying to upload the data and giving me a “data upload failed” message. I was thinking about calling DexCom, but the problem stopped.

My son has been using the DexCom Seven Plus system for just about 2 months and we are on our third receiver. The first one just failed with no initializing messages. Caleb was just sitting there and “beeeep”. The second one initialized a couple of times back to back and then failed - again nothing happened to the receiver, it just randomly did this. I haven’t heard of too many other people having this problem. We are on day seven of our third receiver and have our fingers crossed.

I started using the Dex 7+ on September 4. I’ve never seen the “reinitialization” that you describe and my buttons work crisply and are not loose.

If I received a receiver like you describe, I would call and attempt to return it. I can’t imagine that Dexcom would give you any trouble over this. Since you’ve had the system for a few weeks you have a good idea at how often you push those buttons. I’m pushing the Dex buttons several times every hour.

My buttons are good, but mine executes the restart more often than yours does-- and it always has. Otherwise, it’s been absolutely perfect, and IIRC, I’ve had it for about 6 months. So in my case, it’s definitely NOT a problem which indicated that other problems would develop soon.

As you know, it’s exactly as if you did the “shut-off” sequence for take-off or landing (or the preceding security scan) with commercial air travel. It usually happens when I’ve been pressing a sequence of buttons really fast, such as switching from 3-hour to 6-hour to one-hour and back to 3-hour with less than a second of time between steps. But it also does it completely untouched, without any button press at all.

But, if your “OK” button feels a lot different than your red “C” button, Id ask for a new one. Just my opinion, of course. Compare it with the “C” button, because the “OK” button always feels different than the up/down buttons. They don’t fit the pad of your thumb as well, and always seem more resistive.

I’m on my second one. The first had some type of seizure and went into vibrate mode, nonstop. They sent a new one right away.

I too have had the re-initializing happen on my receiver, and that is just in about 2 months. My first Seven Plus had to be returned after less than a month, because it kept randomly giving me the charging screen. After the second call I made, they had me return it and gave me a refurbished one. I haven’t called this time, but plan on doing so if it happens again. The sensors with the Seven Plus have been so accurate though, so I hate to complain. It is way better than the Seven I had before.

And now on our third receiver I have seen the “reinitialize” message and I have the dread of the big exclamation mark soon to come. I don’t see how this can be a rare issue since all three of our receivers in three months have had it.

Thanks all for your comments. I’ve had my third one now for a little while and so far so good, no issues. Dex 7+ has been very accurate and I’m pretty happy with it now. Third time’s a charm!

I am on my 10th receiver since March. They all keep reinitializing. Some do it a couple of times. Some do it more. The current one that I have has reinitialized 10 times so far. After they go through this process they always come back on with all of the current information correct. I have thought seriously about sending it back and going to another brand but I like it because most of the time it’s right plus I can get 2 weeks out of a sensor where the others you can’t. I hope sooner or later they will get this problem fixed.

Mine continues to reintiialize, but always picks up where it left off. It seems like it goes in spurts, as sometimes it will do it three times a day, but then go for a couple weeks without doing it at all. I should pay attention and see if it happens with certain sensors.

Mine behaves like Toni’s (and always has). In checking my “off-warranty” date for insurance purposes, I see that it’s now about 10 months old. Since it always comes right back up, doing “Initialize” immediately after I press the “OK” button, I have just one worry about this behavior:

What if it happens at night, and stays “off” for hours, while my bG goes to an undesirable value?

There won’t be any alarms, it’s playing dead- COMPLETELY dead.) This possibility does not make me happy. I’m with Mike, hoping that they “track it down” and get it fixed.

No, they are not all RNs or MDs (or even LPNs). They are merely support representatives.

But as for the receiver: it’s never, ever happened in the middle of the night. If it does, then I’ll spend Dexcom’s money for warranty replacement. (But since they’re still not profitable, I hate to “hurt them” if I can avoid doing so.)