Has your DexCom ever shut down and need to re-initialize?

This has happened to me three times since I got my Dex about two months ago. For no apparent reason, it just goes dead. It beeps and then the screen goes blank. If I hold in the "OK" button, it will re-start by initializing - then everything seems okay again. This ever happen to you? What causes it?

Yes! In the 9 months I've had, it has happened maybe 2 dozen times. Usually doesn't affect the readings. Apparently static electricity can cause the receiver to need to be reset. Or near low battery. Dexcom recommends using the silicon case instead of the belt clip case to lower the static charge created by friction while pulling and putting a Dex receiver in your pocket.

I had it happen twice. Dexcom support told me the same.. that it is usually caused by static.

This just happened to me last night and as well on friday. Just got the Dexcom about 3 weeks ago.

No it has not. I've been using Dexcom for over 4 years. Initially the Dexcom 7 and the last couple of years the Dexcom 7 Plus. During that time I have never had a unit go dead.

If static is supposely the reason for this, I'm surprised I've never had a problem as my office and my house both have wall to wall carpeting.

Funny after 4 years it happened to me yesterday for the first time. The receiver was getting flaky -- kept saying it was downloading to my PC (during a spinning class), and that the download failed. It ultimately "rebooted" and has been fine.

May have had something to do with the fact that I was sweating on it pretty heavily...

That’s funny because it happened to me twice when I first got the Dexcom and I was using the silicone case. I was specifically told not to use the silicone case. I started using the old-style leather case that is not provided with the Dex these days. I’ve not had the Dex turn off ever since I stopped using the silicone case.

Lots of times! It'll do it and I'm not sure what button I pushed but you're right, Beep and then dead. Thank goodness it starts right back up - but I don't know what causes it.

This used to happen to me alot in the winter time. I wear wool pants at the office. Bad idea to put it in your pocket wearing them. I have since bought a cell phone case and wear that on my belt. Not a problem since. That was 2 years ago.

Boy, I've been on the Dexcom for 8 months now and it just keeps getting worse and worse. In the beginning I thought it was a miracle. After getting incorrect data for the last month, I am at my wits end. I go through a bottle of 25 blook stix a day trying to keep this thing going. I'm at 210, it's at 90. It's at 90 all the time. Usually I run low all the time but adding this insulin pump has raised my A1C. And the Dexcom does not reflect this. Is anyone else feeling that the quality of Dexcom has gone down - especially in the last couple months? Frustrated.