Dexcom receiver failure

A nearly brand new receiver had a black screen after charging and pressing the center button to check bg. Pushed all the buttons many many times. nada. Called tech support and explained that after about 10 minutes the screen came back to life. Surprisingly, they said if it happens again, THEN they will replace it. Anyone experience this symptom, and anyone who complained about also told by Dexcom support that they will wait until it fails again?

Dave44 - If this happens again, try plugging it into a charging source and see if that gives it an immediate jolt back to life.

We tried that. didn’t help. just kept pushing the buttons randomly. eventually the screen came back to life after countless button presses. It returned to normal while on hold for the after-hours tech support to pick up the call.

Are you sure it wasn’t a systems check? I’ve had my Dexcom go dark on me then spring back to life in five to ten minutes. It’s happening a lot more often than it has in the past.

It happens about once month. The one before the one I had today made my last 24 hours of readings disappear from the receivers screen.

there is a reset button on the back that you can push with a needle.
It’s at the back, in the middle, that small hole.
but it has happened to me before, they repaced it (but we didn’t succeed at trying to bring it back to life)

It happened to me and I could not bring it back to life. The reset button did not help. They replaced it but only because I was still under warranty.

will the reset button mess up the session? The Dexcom tech said nothing about any systems check.

System check was kinda scary for me the first time it happened to me. I thought it was dead. I enter everything into it, insulin, carbs, exercise etc so when I pull reports I can see everything on the daily charts. So when the receiver went through the first system check, I was freaked because I couldn’t get my info in. It does come back with the system pass check. But the first time it happened was scary for me as i really need my Dexcom!

is there an official word from Dexcom? something in a PDF or manual about systems check?

Not that I have found in the manual but the tech support people are well versed in “system check”…system check is just something to get used to. It seems to pop up randomly but not very often on my receiver. System check does not do any harm to the receiver or session as far as I have seen…

It sounds like your receiver came back to life after the issues. Unless tech support recommends otherwise I think it’s best to not mess with the reset if the receiver seems to be working now.

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For the G4, on page 153 of the manual, it states the reason for a System Check is that, “There was a system error and the receiver fixed it.”

Not much help, but it’s there. I’ve had it a few times and it always seems to be fine afterward.

G5 manual, page 346 mentions a “systems check” screen. that’s an actual message on the display. we haven’t seen that.

Chapter 17 is nothing more than contact info for Dexcom in case of difficulty, etc.

I have had many “system checks”. The best answer in my opinion was from a Dexcom rep who said the receiver is very susceptible to static electricity which is often caused by keeping the receiver in a pocket. I used to get the checks at least once a day. Then I used an old hard drive static bag before putting it in my pocket and haven’t seen a check since. I also have never lost data from a system check. The only time I ever lost data was trying to shut the receiver down too soon after a sensor stop and I bricked the receiver. Just my 2 cents.

Do you mean it wouldn’t restore to normal operation after hitting RESET and so you got a replacement unit from Dexcom:?

I stopped a sensor session, waited about 3 minutes and hit shutdown receiver. Only after the fact did I learn there is a known software glitch in the receiver that requires a minimum of 15 minutes between sensor stop and shutdown. I hit the reset, re-booted the receiver and got trapped in a boot-loop. Hit the reset again and got the Dexcom equivalent of the BSOD. When I called Dexcom, they were not surprised, and only asked how many minutes between sensor stop and shutdown. Receiver replaced under warranty thank goodness.

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thanks for the heads up. I hope I can remember that info accurately for the future. Dunno why they can’t put this into the manual, or an addendum.

I hate to think of my receiver or xmitter crashing on a Friday after their last shipments. I imagine that would mean a replacement wouldn’t arrive until Monday? I don’t know if they do overnights for Saturday, like MM does for the pumps.

Do we get to keep the receiver when we get a new one in 3 years?

There is a software update to correct this problem on the G5 receiver
coming soon (I was told before the end of the year).

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Cool. Did you hear about that from someone working at Dexcom?