Thanks Dexcom!

Just wanted to share my latest success. I just had my latest blood work and have dropped my A1c to 6.2%. This is quite a ways from my 16.7% that put me in the hospital in January. I couldn’t have done it without my Dexcom.

I also just received my OmniPod and have a training session scheduled for next week. I’m hoping that switching to a pump will help me even out some of the swings I’m still having with MDI and especially take care of those pesky morning highs from DP.

Having this forum has really been a positive change in my attitude and dealing with this disease.



I'm using both Omnipod and Dexcom and it really helps. I needed the pump to solve DP and afternoon lows.

That's fantastic. Congratulations. I'm very jealous and need to work harder at lowering my A1C. 6.2.....I wish. I bet you feel great. I wish they had a summer camp or tune up camp for Adult Type 1's who want to do better, but need to be with other's who can help motivate, educate and have fun learning and doing it together. Good job.

Me 2, let me know if you find such a thing!

Congrats Alan, keep up the good work

...that was surprising; 16.7!
I was 13.9 some 7 years ago and thought that was the worst anyone can have. Anyway congrats. I have since dropped to 7; and 6.5 is my best so far. I use Dexcom (in recent weeks not very frequently) and Animas Ping.

Katie & Ahmad - A couple of weeks after getting out of the hospital I happened to read about a conference by an organization called “Taking Control of your Diabetes.” their website is It was a very informative and inspirational conference. I would highly encourage everyone with diabetes to attend one of these conferences. If I had been able to attend one 13 years ago and not neglect my disease for so long, I’m positive I would be in much better health and not suffering from the complications that I’ve let occur with my poor control.

If they don’t come back to my area next year, I will find one close and take some vacation time to travel and attend. Feel free to visit the website and hit me up if you want more information about it.

That's great! Congrats!

Great news Alan! Keep up the good work. My experience with the Dexcom has also been very positive.

WOW! Good for you and awesome job! My A1C last week was the worst I've seen for a long time...7.9. I have serious issues with lows so I think my A1C was so high because I was rebounding. Just gives me a goal to work towards when I go back in 3 months. BTW I love my Dexcom also. Much better than the Minimed CGM that I used to use.