Dexcom with macs

just to let peeps know, i’ve been able to use dexcom app with our macs, both under booting straight off bootcamp xp partition or running it parallels’ virtual solution.

on a side note: i just posted on the omnipod group now that i can’t get the omnipod app to recognize the usb device (the pdm) when using under parallels’ but works fine when booting direct.

the only problem with using dexom with the mac for us so far is that it won’t let me print. some conversion error to office format or something (i can’t remember). so we use the app under parallels’ and just take the screen shots of the daily graph (to take to my doc) - command+shift+4 (to crop just just what’s important).

any suggestions?


The dex software sort of assumes you have Word installed to be able to “print” because it doesn’t print directly from the software, what it does is essentially export it to a document first to print it… you can use something like OpenOffice (free) instead… I do and it works just fine. I don’t generally have much need to print anything though - my endo’s office can download and print everything themselves if they really wanted to, but I generally just use the dex on my own and they don’t ask to download it.

I haven’t had much trouble running the dex software under VMWare fusion on my mac… sometimes I need to “find new hardware” to get it to see the dex receiver, but after that it works fine.

oh that’s what it is (export)!!! it’s sooo silly it doesn’t even have “save as” option… openoffice, i’ll give it a shot the next time (thanks).

i rather print so i can put dexcom’s data (graphs, mostly) side by side with the pump’s data AND, reformatted to how my endo wants it. why not show it the way the doc’s used to, so they don’t have to “learn” just for you how you display the data so they can pay attention to the data- is how i see it (and i do appreciate the reason for the way my endo has a certain format for data).

yeah, under parallels’, it often has to “find new hardware” but like your VMWare, it works fine thereafter.


For a while there I was having a problem printing on my MAC in Windows but it affected all windows programs. I can’t remember how I fixed it. I’m still running XP professional in VMware fusion and the Dex software works beautifully. I don’t have a word processor on Windows but my Dex reports open in Microsoft Word Viewer and I can print from there.

It would be nice if the program saved in PDF or if you could directly email a copy to your dr.


i can print no problem using parallels. parallels just emulates windows, so if it prints on windows it will print on your mac. make sure you have your settings correct in parallels or bootcamp for what printer you want linked with your virtual machine.