Dexcom app and xDrip+ for G5 running at the same time?

Hello my friends,
I recently switched to Dexcom after 6 months on the Freestyle. I have a G5 and an Android smartphone. Somehow I find the official Dexcom app really poor! It doesn’t give most of the statistics data I found useful from LibreLink app, which is time in range, HbA1c estimations, daily patterns, etc.
The good news is: xDrip+ is there! After struggling a bit to install it and connect it to my G5 transmitter, I find it superb that it can even look into the future.
However, when I connect xDrip+ to the transmitter (the only way I found was by the new OB1 G5 collector, with all other options in the G5 debug settings off), the official Dexcom app disconnects, and viceversa. I suspect only one of them can get the data from the transmitter. The official Dexcom app would still be good to have in order to send the data to Diasend, which I can share with my medical team and to which I can upload pump data, so Diasend can get me a nice comparison of most data available (CGM + pump + physical activity with a fitness tracker).
So, the question to you is, is it possible to have on the same Android device running xDrip+ and the official Dexcom app at the same time??? Or is there a way to feed xDrip+ with the official Dexcom app data directly? (i.e. not get the data from the transmitter but from the app itself). Or the other way round, is there a way to feed the official Dexcom app with data collected from xDrip+??
I don’t know if I am confusing things here or please can anyone propose something better?
Thanks indeed!

Have you looked at the Dexcom Clarity (online) application? It is possible that everything you are looking for (in terms of analyzing historical data and reporting options) is there.

Not to say there may not be reasons to use xdrip+. Certainly “looking into the future” is not something that the Dexcom App provides.

From my experience you can’t use xdrip and the Dexcom apps or receiver at the same time.

If you are looking for reporting features you can upload xdrip data to Night Scout. That is what I do.
There are online procedures on how to make the connection. It does involve a little work to make it happen, but the night scout reports are great.

Hi @Jim26 , can you also import pump (omnipod) data into Nightscout? I think even if you could, it would cost me ages to set up… wouldn’t it be great to be able to upload xDrip+ data into Diasend?

Not that I am aware of.

But you can enter bolus and carb information into xdrip that will then load to night scout.