How to use xDrip?

Can you have the Dexcom app and xDrip running at the same time? I installed xDrip yesterday on my Samsung S20 FE and does not seem to be connecting with my Dexcom G6. I have the Dexcom app running now and I’m wondering if that may be the reason? Any ideas? I’ve never used xDrip before but I like how customizable the app is if I can just get it to load. It’s looked like this since the sensor warm-up.

You have to use the “build your own” variant and select the option to broadcast locally in the questionnaire. That will make Dexcom the main “collector”, which runs in the background but you never have to interact with. nd then Xdrip becomes the display device.

Don’t be intimidated by the app name, you don’t actually have to program anything, just answer questions and they’ll email you the right file to install.

Per the AAPS website:

If using G6 with Build Your Own Dexcom App
As of December 2020 Build Your Own Dexcom App (BYODA) also supports local broadcast to AAPS and/or xDrip+ (not for G5 sensors!)

This app lets you use your Dexcom G6 with any Android smartphone.

Uninstall the original Dexcom app or patched Dexcom app if you used one of those previously.

Install downloaded apk

Enter sensor code and transmitter serial no. in patched app.

In phone settings go to apps > Dexcom G6 > permissions > additional permissions and press ‘Access Dexcom app’.

After short time BYODA should pick-up transmitter signal. (If not you will have to stop sensor and start new one.)

Settings for xDrip+
Select ‘640G/Eversense’ as data source.

Command ‘start sensor’ must be performed in xDrip+ in order to receive values. This will not affect your current sensor controlled by Build Your Own Dexcom App.

The only benefit to this setup is that you still get Clarity data generated if your Endo insists on that. But honestly, Xdrip gives the same stats. Your Endo can’t demand access to Clarity since not all devices are supported. You can print reports or just screen shot the summary. Also, if you use a connected insulin pump, they can get all the data via the pump. If you don’t use a pump, and have the receiver, they can extract it from that, even if it’s only partial data. (When I was doing AAPS, a DIY looping option, I kept the receiver in the bedroom as a nighttime backup in case I lost Bluetooth. The receiver would only have partial data from the time I was near the bedroom plus the 3 hour backfill window.). Point being, there are ways to appease a doctor without ruining both apps


Thank you! I’ll give that a shot

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I was given another way, where I am - in xDrip - a follower of myself in the Dexcom app. I had previously carried both phone (running xDrip) and a Dex receiver, but it was more hardware than I wanted to be tied to. Good luck with that when I start using a pump.

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Unless you need the follower feature, the Dexcom app isn’t needed.

XDrip+ (standard) can do more, and better than the Dexcom apps can, including running on most Android devices and uploading to Dexcom’ and other servers.

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The Dexcom app seriously sucks, and I’m all team “you don’t need it” You don’t need Dexcom app for Follow either, though. Xdrip can upload to that server. It’s only Clarity, which uses a different data server than Follow, that you need the Dexcom app for.

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I only “need” the Dexcom app because that’s how my endo knows what and how I’m doing. I’d love to just use xDrip, but I’m having to do exactly as directed and expected to qualify for a pump.

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xdrip has statistics, history, etc, but if you set up your own nightscout account, the history graphs are very similar to dexcom clarity and its web/ cloud based so the doctors can put in their own preferences and build their own reports instantly. plus a nightscout account will help to give you more options regarding your future pump choice as the loop or android aps works with most pumps…setting up nightscout is half the work of setting up the loop or android aps apps

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I understand that you don’t want to rock the boat but either there’s a miscommunication between you and the doc, or your endocrinologists misunderstands what’s needed to qualify (as well as the current consensus recommendations of the ADA and the AACE).

There’s no requirement I’ve ever heard of that a CGM had to be in prior use let alone remotely monitored to qualify for a pump. Pumps predate both portable CGMs and remote monitoring by internet.

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, then a few standardized tests and fingerstick tests 4x/d for a month with a patient maintained paper log is the most that’s needed for Medicare approval.

If there was such a prior CGM tech requirement, then I wouldn’t have been shipped my first CGM and my pump within days of each other. But even that unnecessary requirement could be met be wearing a professional (blinded) CGM for 2 weeks, downloaded in the office of any doctor - who is licensed as competent to practice medicine as competent, and is able to provide continued oversight.

What country are you in and what insurance do you have?

btw, you can use Xdrip+ and the Dexcom apps simultaneously on an Android phone, and ironically, on some of the major brands like Samsung, with their heavily modified version of Android, Xdrip+ will be more reliable, and continue to work after system updates that break the Dexcom apps.

Sorry, I missed that someone responded. The only way I could find to run both on my Pixel was to be my own follower, and that was with guidance from one of the xDrip developers. If there’s a way to do it more directly, I’d love to know how.

And the various requirements put on me are a combination of whatever traces all the way back to Medicare, plus Kaiser’s own standards. I finally qualified today, Omnipod 5.