Could Someone Provide an Easy Explanation of Xdrip?

I have been a T1D for over 50 years. Currently on a Medtronic Paradigm pump and Dexcom G5 CGM.

It appears that Xdrip can extend the life of Dexcom sensors (no restarts) and transmitters, make changes to certain Dexcom type features, provides much more information than Clairity and more. I once read that compared to Xdrip, the Dexcom app is a toy so as you can see I am really interested in how to use it and understand the key benefits. Are there Dexcom users here that are willing to explain how to use Xdrip and the benefits that will accrue?

I have a couple of questions that my research thus far has not resolved. For Dexcom users:
Does Xdrip enhance or replace the Dexcom app capabilities on a phone?
Does it enhance or replace the Dexcom Clarity app?
Can Xdrip be used with a Dexcom receiver or does it come with its own receiver box or is it only for mobile phones.
I understand that Dexcom and Xdrip use different algorithms so result in slightly different readings. If you could run Xdrip on your phone and Dexcom on your receiver you would be able to compare readings of both Is this possible?
Can Dexcome users who have no coding experience use Xdrip. How would they go about doing this?

I believe a simple explanation of Xdrip would be extremely helpful to this group so thanks to anyone willing to help.

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Are you an android user?

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Yes. Pixel2XL


Hi @rcarli, I’m definitely not an expert, but maybe I can help answer your questions.

XDrip is a alternative app for your mobile device. Generally it is used in lieu of 6he Dexcom app and receiver. XDrip and Dexcom are like 2 boys in a sandbox, neither plays well with the other. As the G5 transmitter allows for 2 connections, conceivably you might be able to run both apps on 2 different phones, but in my experience it’s one or the other.

Regarding the algos, XDrip does have their own algo, but you can opt in the settings area to run the Dexcom algo if you prefer.

Drawbacks to XDrip -. No Clarity uploads. However, many users upload to Nightscout which does have excellent reporting features. Personally I upload to Nightscout and Tidepool both, as both have report features I like and are free.

XDrip has a follower setting so significant others in your life can follow your cgm track, and alarm if warranted. How much they see is set by you. There is no data delay, if I’m seeing it, they are seeing it. My followers are also able to seem my cgm numbers on my Nightscout webpage in real.time (and it has in browser alarms too if wanted).

@rcarli XDrip can occasionally be a PITA to set up, but once it is it works great. Dexcom is what it is and works out if the box if you have one of the few phones they support. If the Dexcom app is preferable, and you have an unsupported phone, there are “official Dexcom” versions available with the Play store restrictions removed on Reddit for free.

Hope this helps.


You can have xdrip mirror dexcom readings using “Native Algorithm” in the G5/G6 Debug Settings.

I like that I can skip the 2-hour wait time if using non-native algorithm.

I like that xDrip can talk my readings, as often as every 5 minutes, or they can be extended out to very long intervals. great for when busy with life.

Lastly, I despise the Android Dexcom app. It doesn’t even have a widget feature.


Thanks El_Ver for answering my questions. Lots of helpful info that I did not know. Objective of post is to let all Dexcom users know the benefits of Xdrip and what they would have to do to try it. I still don’t know how to go about trying it and if you need to either know code or become technically involved.

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Put to rest the idea u need to be a coder to use xDrip. What u need is some initial help to learn all of the various settings that may impact the proper functioning of the app. once it is set up and running, you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about. Good god, if one needed to be a coder, I wouldn’t have been using xDrip for the last 2 years. Nor my wife who is a fellow G5 wearer. Just install it and when u have questions, there are several FB groups that are very active as this forum just doesn’t have the traffic of the FB groups for things such as xDrip.

You can’t break anything by installing it. :slight_smile: Your sensor won’t go up in smoke.


Thanks Dave44. Thought I would try to get on Xdrip first and then join a FB group for help getting the settings right. BTW what is a widget?

Do these steps look right to get started on Xdrip

  1. Uninstall Dexcom G5/G6 mobile app on phone. (Can I "Force Stop: or do I have to uninstall?), (Can I leave Dexcom app active on my receiver or uninstall?)
  2. Install latest version of Xdrip+ on phone. (Xdrip-plus-20190518-14a03a7.apk)
  3. If doesn’t download than allow phone to access unknown sources
  4. Open and see what happens
  5. Put as much input in as possible (transmitter code, etc.)
  6. Join facebook group and try to get rest of setting right
  7. Pray it works first time but doubtful. Repeat 6 :).
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@rcarli you should join the fb group group before starting as there is a plethora of information and help within that group. As @Dave44 stated, you do not need to be a coder to deploy the app. You do need to.check the “download from unknown sources” before you download the app file from GitHub. Once the downloaded, tap to open and the rest is done for you, except adding a widget to your home screen (there are several to choose from).

You will need to change the transmitter I’d number in any receiver running Dexcom before attempting to start the transmitter on XDrip ( or you will go bat+++t crazy trying to get the transmitter started in XDrip).

If you pm me, I can point you to additional resources

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You can either use the most recent version at Github, or u can use the latest stable release. Don’t go crazy installing the overnite versions as they are too numerous. they are best used by folks with a specific issue that was addressed by the programmers, after the programmers convey to the group that they have fixed (hopefully) an issue.

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I have joined an Xdrip fb group but members are mostly discussing advanced issues. But it is a good place to ask about the settings if they are incorrect. So much time is spent in this TUD forum about extending the life of Dexcom sensors and transmitters that I am surprised there is not much more discussion about Xdrip. That seems to be a HUGE benefit. Thanks for your suggestions.

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ignore advanced issues. just stick with getting yours up and running.

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If by receiver you mean the device that is provided by Dexcom (not an app that you had to download from the app or play store) then yes you can continue using it even when using Xdrip.

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That’s great as I will be able to get readings for both and be able to choose which is more accurate Dexcom 5 or Xdrip. I am now up and running. Not as difficult as i thought. Thanks


I am up and running on Xdrip, Much easier than I thought. Anyone should be able to do it.

  1. Uninstall Dexcom G5/G6 mobile app on phone. If you have a watch uninstall it there too.
  2. Install latest version of Xdrip+ on phone. (Xdrip-plus-20190518-14a03a7.apk)
    If doesn’t download than allow phone to access unknown sources
  3. Open
  4. Xdrip app will open and you have to sign and agree a couple of times and then indicate you have a G5 a couple of times. Same with G6, I think.
  5. Put in your transmitter code when asked.
  6. Then it will link to your transmitter and will show it is obtaining readings. When it has 3 readings (about 10-15 minutes) it will be working.
  7. At your leisure go through settings and fool around.
  8. Join a facebook group for Xdrip so you can ask any questions and get answers.
  9. Enjoy.

Biggest benefit is you do not have to restart sensors or transmitter. They will last until you stop them because you feel they are no longer accurate. Now I will look for what I expect will be many more benefits and report back in a day or two.


Welcome to the xDrip family! I had the official Dexcom app on my phone for less than 10 hours, years ago. It is such a loser, I’d be embarrassed if I was Dexcom–the app is a poor choice over a 3rd party app such as xDrip.

So you are probably the TU member that said, “Compared to Xdrip, the Dexcom app is a toy.” :slight_smile: For the last two hours the two are reading within one point of each other. I will watch them for a few days to see which is more accurate for me. So it looks like I don’t have to do anything to the sensor or transmitter and can leave both in until I want to change. Is that right? How long have you been using Xdrip? Besides, longer longevity for the sensor and transmitter (huge benefit) what are a couple of benefits Xdrip has compared to Dexcom?

2 years.
widgets, avoid 2-hour restarts, talks readings, extend transmitter beyond dexcom limits, to name a few.

So far I am finding all of those benefits except it appears my readings are Dexcom readings even though I do not have Native algorithm checked under G5/G6 Debug Settings. That was the reason I tried Xdrip to see if their algorithm gave me better readings.