Dexcom Clarity Reports

I am starting with a Dexcom G5 today and getting set up for use with iPhone. Struggling with the Dexcom Clarity Reports app which sends data to the cloud for viewing/reviewing on my laptop.

I am finding that the data is current on the iPhone but the cloud/laptop lags behind by about 3-4 hours. I’ve fiddled with logging out and back in, shutting down/restarting etc. a few times. The cloud data that makes it’s way to my laptop updates itself but stays about 3-4 hours behind real time. Have others experienced a time lag?

The lag is a FDA requirement. Government overreach if you ask me.

Check out the GlucoGram app (not sure if it’s Mac only). It gets the data in sync (or within a minute) with the phone/receiver, and puts the reading in your toolbar. I use it on my laptop at home and desktop at work. Very handy to be able to just glance up and see where you’re at before a meeting, lunch time bolus, whatever. You can also set the iPhone app to repeat to your Notifications screen, so you just have to swipe down to see it.

The Dexcom Share app provides real-time data. I use Clarity only for sending data to my doctor’s office, in which case I typically don’t care about 3-4 hour time lag. I guess if you’re trying to look at CSVs then Share won’t provide that, though :confused:

I am using Dexcom Clarity on my iphone and installed Clarity on my desktop. How do I print the results from my phone or get it over to the desktop?

Not sure what you mean. But my pc automatically has all the data in the clarity ap on the computer the same as my phone. So you can print off your computer if you want?
A lot of the doctors can just log into your Clarity report when given permission so you don’t have to print anything for them.