Dexcom CLARITY™ data archiving/reporting/sharing tool

Continuing the discussion from Dexcom G5 Approval by FDA:

After reading the posts in the linked discussion, I decided to Google around because I was curious just what the heck Clarity actually is. However, since I do not use Dexcom I have no way of actually trying anything out. So this post is just a pointer to what I think I found. Feel free to to post updates on your experience if you wish.

The big caveat is that the links below may stop working if Dexcom decides to pull them while awaiting the ever enigmatic FDA approval.

Dexcom CLARITY™ User Guide (PDF)
Dexcom CLARITY™ webpage

Below is an excerpt from the introduction in the user guide PDF linked above.

About Dexcom CLARITY™
Dexcom CLARITY™ is a data management software program that allows the transfer of glucose data from CGM devices to remote servers for data management. Healthcare professionals in clinic settings, such as hospitals or medical offices, can use the software. Home users using personal computers in their home environments can also use the software.

After the glucose data is transferred to Dexcom CLARITY™, the information is displayed in charts and graphs to help users analyze trends and patterns in glucose levels. Reports can be saved and printed, and home users can email links to their reports to others.

My impression is that before you can use the app I am guessing :confused: that you first need to visit the CLARITY webpage, log in, and upload your data from your monitor? After you do that you can view it apparently either using the website or with the CLARITY app which was referenced in the linked discussion.

Below is a screenshot of the CLARITY webpage at the time I posted this, mostly because sometimes I just can’t shut myself up. :smirk:

@irrational_John - I’m glad you checked things out and my understanding of things was not complete. So, I went back to and did a site search on “Clarity,” and came up empty. The links you posted above are located at This site is not connected to the main dexcom site. This site appears to be fully operational and allows current access to download the needed uploader and start using Clarity. All despite the repeated denials by Dex customer service to me the other day. I’d hate to have their job!

Is this the Dexcom corporate workaround so that they can claim plausible deniability with the FDA? Or is this just the more common corporate communication kluge that deliberately undermines customer service/customer communication?

I’m using the Clarity software everyday and find it useful. Thanks for your more able research and confirmation that Clarity is indeed “open for business!”

Well, if the FDA hasn’t approved the site then it would make sense that their help desk would not be “allowed” to talk with customers about it, no? :expressionless: :question: &deity; knows we’ve seen that policy before in other contexts.

The site may be up to allow final beta testing, possibly by a group of Dexcom users. It may even be that it is available to allow the FDA to evaluate it as part of their approval process. Sure, they could have potentially limited public access to the site until after they got approval, but apparently they decided to just not advertise it’s existence.

I think the fact that this is simply a data archiving & reporting tool also affected their decision to not lock it up. It’s unlikely that folks will get into any problems other than possible software bugs — which they won’t be able to get any tech support help with until the site is approved. Oh, well. :smirk:

In any case, I’m happy to be able to use Clarity and hope this new information reaches those I misled earlier.

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