How do you save your Dexcom data?

Apparently, you can only go back 24 hours on the Dexcom app, so what are you guys using to save your longer-term data? I’m looking for ease of use primarily with basic information that I can share with my endo.
EDIT: I’m using my iPhone, not the receiver to control the device.

I download my Dexcom data from my Vibe using Diasend. You can access ALL historical data by specifying the dates.

I use Dexcom’s Clarity program on my PC. You have to create an account to use the program, which lets you upload data to others such as your doc. You’ll be able to view 2 week trend graphs and other data analysis.

Edited to add: Dexcom Clarity is also available as an app for iPhones.

I’m a Mac guy. No PC. I’d love to find a solution that doesn’t even use a computer. Is there anything that I can just keep on my phone and then maybe email reports to print out?

Diasend is Mac compatible although you won’t be able to download to a handheld device

From dexcom, open link In Safari or google on phone with app