Dexcom g5 and garmin smartwatch

Hello everyone, this is my first post after doing as much research as i could i have found myself posting about my question so i am sorry if it has already been answered. I am a type 1 diabetic and currently use the dexcom g5. I am looking for a smartwatch to use as a stand alone device to connect directly to my g5 sensor. i know that the android watches use xdrip which works perfectly. the only catch that i have with this is i NEED longer battery life in a watch. the longest battery life i could find with a watch that has aw2.0 only lasted about two days. I am going to become a wildland firefighter very soon and could potentially be on a fire for over 5 days. I saw that the garmin watches have bluetooth and last over 2 weeks. does anyone know if there is a way to use xdrip on a garmin smart watch or if there is a way to use it directly with the sensor? i do not need to upload anything from the g5 ot the internet i simply need it to show me my blood sugars when i want to look at my watch, nothing else. or if there are other android wear watches that i may have missed that have extended battery life. thank you!

You can get one of the Jackery portable chargers to recharge your watch quite a few times. I get them at Amazon. There are a lot of choices in that brand for size/features/mAh ratings. AAMOF, I have a second, more powerful Jackery coming tomorrow. They are awesome to keep one’s smartphone charged on long flights when using wifi/internet.

That’s for Garmin watches with the bluetooth off (just in watch mode). If you are training with them you get about 12 hours, and with bluetooth low energy on constantly you just get a day or two. Even with android wear watches remember that all except the SW3 require the phone as a collector with xdrip. So you’ll need to have a battery pack to keep both your phone and watch charged.

Have fun fighting wildfires, I used to do that in northern idaho. fun times.

I’m returning the larger jackery as it is so heavy, and doesn’t do Qualcomm “Fast Charging”. The weight and size are what the main reasons I’m returning it. I think before our next cross-country flight, I’ll just another smaller charger like the Jackery Bar.