Dexcom costs

I’m trying to get set up with dexcom but my bcbs hmo plan says they will cover it 100 percent after I reach my $5000 deductible. So it will cost me 1300 for the first kit and 300 each moth after that for sensors. So just under 5000 each year.Does anyone know how to get around having to pay this much or possibly a cheaper alternative. Any help would be vary much appreciated. Thank you

The Dexcom kit and sensors are a prescription item, so though you may find alternative solutions, they should only be sold through authorized pharmacy supplies, pharmacies and directly from Dexcom (or a pump company). Many people use sensors beyond the prescribed maximum of 7 days, so you may be able to save expenses by using a sensor longer, if this works well for you. Search the forum - there are a number of discussions regarding extended use of sensors. Personally, though I have good coverage, I use sensors for 2-3 weeks, generally, for convenience. If you can do that, that $300 box of sensors will last a lot longer.

Only way to save is on transmitters if you can get Dexcom to sell you a G4. The G4 transmitter can last for up to a year, but the G5 is programmed to last 3 months. This could save around $500-700 for the year.

Thank you. Yeah I hear you can make the sensors last longer then the prescribed length. I still feel like it’s way to expensive. Even at 150 a month and that’s just for sensors not including transmitter witch I was told is 600 every 6 months I’m just looking for a cheaper way then paying full price. I am also interested in how people with the same insurance and coverage went about doing things. We shall see

That’s a good idea but what about the receiver. If I use the G5. after I buy my first kit then I can use my iPhone from then on in so I shouldn’t have to buy another receiver.

Could they be cheaper depending on what pharmacy supplier I use. Or is the cost up to dexcom?

When we had BCBS we were forced to use Edgepark. We stayed with them even after changing to other plans, twice. I had no idea they were among the highest priced suppliers until our plan changed again & other suppliers were available in addition to Edgepark. The out of pocket cost comparison was an eye-opener. It pays to shop around for suppliers if you’re allowed to.

Thank you I will definitely try shopping around.

I just got my dexcom receiver, strips, and sensors for free from community specialty. I live in mn but dexcom set it all up for me . I thought I couldn’t afford a dexcom, but this is amazing !

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What is community speciality. I am very interested. Because my insurance will not cover it at all. Not until I reach my 5000 deductible witch I fall just short of anyways.