Dexcom G5 and android watch


My Dexcom g5 will be shipping Monday (brand new user) I’ve done a ton of research but I would like for someone to tell me the simplest and easiest way to get the information to an android watch (meaning anything other than Apple watch)


Getting the number to a Pebble or Android Wear watch is very easy. For a Pebble you would just use the SimpleCGM watchface from the Pebble store. If you prefer an Android Wear watch, then look up “Stephen Black Nightwatch”. He has created an app that will act as a “follower” for the Dexcom Share app.

However, if all you have is an Android phone, then sharing the info from the G5 is not possible right now. Currently Dexcom only has apps that work with iDevices (iPhone, iPod, iPad). It will not be until next year that they will release an app for Android phones.

I use android FOLLOW with Pebble (simple cgm app).