Dexcom Distributors

Hi everyone,

I am wondering if anyone who uses Dexcom and receives their supplies through a distributor would be able to share what company they use? Currently I am using Solara. I am looking to change as I’ve had many problems with them. I know not every distributor may fit with my insurance, but just looking to get a general idea of what is out there to start with, as I had difficulty searching it myself.


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Not quite a distributor, but I get my Dexcom stuff through a Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy via mailorder. My endos office is quite familiar with this particular branch and got it set up and it works super well. The staff at this Walgreens actually understand first hand all about pumps and CGM’s and I’m sure other technology as well as know the special insurance requirements for many different combos.

Similar to @Tim12, I just switched to getting through pharmacy, and get from local Costco. Dexcom has been increasing Pharmacy distribution and getting insurance plans to accept.

For DME mail order, I used Byram Healthcare, and they were great. New plan now with CCSMedical for pump supplies not so great, but my only choice.

I use Byram for Dexcom and Tandem supplies.

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Before they switched me to pharmacy, I got my supplies from Diabetes Managment and Supplies. Their service was great, and still is for my pods.