Medical supply companies for Dexcom

Hi everyone - it’s been a while since I’ve been here, but I have a question for you. I have been given 3 choices for medical supply companies given by my insurance company. I have read some terrible reviews for all of them, so I wanted to get some opinions on which one might be better. Byram Healthcare, Edgepark Medical and Medline Industries. Any thoughts?? Thanks!

I had good experience with Byram.

I just got “stuck” with CCS Medical today, but haven’t used them in years, so time will tell.

I use Edgepark for pump supplies, and they’re ok, but I actually get my Dexcom supplies from Walgreens. Not an option everywhere but it makes it a lot simpler and faster, none of the glitches and delays I’ve had trying to get them as DME. I can usually pick them up the same day I order 'em. There can be cost differences, depending on your insurance, but worth checking out as an alternative.

I have used Byram for dexcom and Medtronic pump + supplies, for past 5 years. Can set up auto fill, or I used online site to reorder.

Few minor issues, but resolved quickly.

I liked Byram when I could use them!

Thanks, everyone. This is very helpful information. I welcome any further comments - I decided to wait until tomorrow to make any decisions as I was slightly homicidal after dealing with the insurance company this morning. I don’t understand why they make it so difficult to get the things you need sometimes!!

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If you have an employer based insurance plan, sometimes letting Employer HR group know about your struggles will help. They may be able to help processing go faster/smoother.

Try calling Byram.
They may handle your insurance company for you.

anyone know how I can maybe trade my supplies?

I’ve used Byram (including Diabetes specialty) for over a decade because I have to. My experience hasn’t been great, but probably could be worse. I purchase supplies 4 times per year. The past couple years, I’ve used their online system versus calling, which may be part of the problem.


  • At least half of the orders are wrong.
    —- I place online and they change it because don’t understand how to check insurance (have insurance through employer). Then I have to call to correct, which is okay, but if they’ve already shipped it, then get multiple shipments. This also impacts the 90 day supply date.
    —- Billing errors. Happens about once per year, they over or under bill and corrections cause issues with insurance.
    —- Long hold times, especially in evening.
    —- Chat is useless and doesn’t seem to communicate with Byram team that actually supplies the order.
    —- Damaged supplies on arrival. Receive boxes that are opened (multiple times). Also seemed to be pretty damaged sometimes even though outside box okay. On a positive note, Byram is good about shipping replacement if the damage is significant.
    —- Dont seem up to date when new tech comes out (ie Dexcom version updates like G4 to G5, G5 to G6, etc.).

A couple years ago Byram purchased Diabetes Specialty, which was fantastic. A lot of their employees had diabetes and “got it”. That’s not the case anymore.

Good luck with your choice! Would be interested to hear about your choice/experience a few months from now when you’ve placed a couple orders.

Very satisfied

I believe they have dex stuff

edgepark sucks. they screwed me over. they dont let you know if your insurance has been terminated or anything that you are suppose to know and that was an issue i had as i approved and order and they filled it anyways. their customer service wasnt good in my experience. every time i had to call them i would get someone rude.

i heard that byram is good. i know a few ppl have good customer experiences with them, etc. medline ive never heard of.

Thanks everyone - I went with Byram, so we’ll see how it goes!


I use Byram Healthcare for my Dexcom supplies. Haven’t had any issues so far.

Are you able to get these through as a pharmacy benefit instead of medical device? I switched to Express Scripts and its been smooth sailing.

My insurance company only provides it as a DME benefit, not a pharmacy benefit - and I only have those 3 companies to choose from - so I’m hoping Byram comes through for me!

I have a question which is a little bit off topic. Do all medical supply companies require an in-person signature? I’m using McKesson and I have to sign for the package every month. It’s very inconvenient. The only delivery option is to leave it with a neighbor (she is away all winter), select a delivery window (for $8), or send it to another address which I can’t do. I can’t receive packages at work. Family members live too far away. Is this the norm?

I have used several over past 25 years, and never had to sign.
Only exception was an insulin pump replacement, under warranty, delivered within 24 hours, and signature was required.

When my wife and I were getting Medtronic supplies, under Medicare(but our pumps were purchased prior to going onto Medicare), directly from Medtronic, we had to sign for them. What a pain! Then, after purchasing new(refurbed) pumps thru CCS Medical, paid for by Medicare, CCS Med doesn’t require signatures. thank god. Dexcom doesn’t require signatures as a Medicare patient, when coming directly from Dexcom. thank god again, :slight_smile: