Florida Medicare Competitive Bid providers

I recently retired and went on medicare. For DME, we are restricted to Competitive Bid suppliers and all that I find have TERRIBLE reviews. Have any Floridians found decent DME suppliers? I use Dexcom G5 and a Tandem pump that is about to be out of date.

Jeff T1 pumping for 20+ yeas.

I am not from FL but


has been great for my wife

also ccs medical has been fine

I use CCS medical for my Medtronic pump supplies. I think that they also carry Dexcom and Tandem supplies but not sure. They are in Florida and great to work with. I get my Dexcom sensors directly from Dexcom.

Does anyone use USMED? How do you find the service?

I use the Dexcom G5 and I test about 3-6 times a day. My supplier tells me that I can only have 3 a day because I use the CGM. This is driving me crazy. They are NOT following my Endo’s Rx. ALL of the guidance (and my experience) says to NEVER use the Dex for treatment, That adds more strips. First day is usually unreliable … more strips. Drift can be large. Maybe Medicare or the distributor is trying to kill me. Maybe I am an idiot! Who knows?

I have Solara for my Tandem pump, and supplies. I had been using Dexcom for their G5 sensor. However, since Dexcom moved their customer service to the Philippines, it has been too difficult to communicate with any of their reps. I have switched to Solara to provide my G5 sensors. First shipment of sensors is supposed to be today, and pump supplies is next week, so will evaluate their service when I get everything. Speaking with the Solara rep has been a breath of fresh air after dealing with the “new” Dexcom reps.