Dexcom Follow issue

I just started using the Dexcom G6 last night. My wife has the Follow app on iPhone. I have the Dexcom app on mine. On her app it will show the graph, but not my current BG. Because of this, she gets no alerts. Anyone else seen this happen? We tried the common fixes like reinstall and reading her. No luck.

Not sure what you mean by that.

In any event, the Dexcom Follow App is completely supported by Dexcom technical support. I would suggest to call Dexcom and ask for assistance.

Sounds like you see the line but no number, and the line is current? How strange. I haven’t seen this before. Sorry.

Correct. She sees the line. She doesn’t see the current number. It works on my phone. Just doesn’t on follow app. I called Dexcom. They gave several things to do but none worked. They said they would have to do something on their end with their computers and give it 24 hours? Still doesn’t work.