G5 mobile - help needed

Ok, so I’ve applied the sensor which is warming up. The transmitter is connected to the phone. I have installed the G5 app and the Follow app on my phone so I’m following myself. BUT, I can’t find Follow on my apple watch. Any idea what I need to do?

Not sure but maybe rebooting your watch will do it. If that doesn’t work I’d reboot both the phone and the watch.

It didn’t work out. I am starting to think that the Dexcom Follow on AW may not be available in all countries. I have the Swedish version installed.

I can’t speak to that. The Follow app is on my Apple Watch but I currently use the G4 and I’m in the US. Have you called your Dexcom customer service with this question?

BK - do you have the “Show App on Apple Watch” toggled on in the Apple Watch app on the iPhone?

Here is the conclusion - the European versions of Dexcom Follow do not support Apple Watch view.

It is also not possible to follow a European Dexcom account with the US version of the Follow, which does support the Apple Watch. The invitations are shown as expired or already used.

The third party solution, watchSugar, is also not fixing the issue since the European Dexcom Share account is not being recognized, despite the fact that the app itself is offered on the European app stores - fail!

All in all, money wasted on Apple Watch and G5, unless Dexcom wakes up and releases an Apple Watch app soon. Too bad, I was really looking forward to this. To say that I’m disappointed would be an understatement.