Dexcom frustration....with the company

Hey all,

Anyone else have issues with dealing with Dexcom? I am approaching 2 weeks without my CGM, and am super frustrated. I had my transmitter fail (low battery) and it was out of warranty, so I am having to go through the whole re-order/ approval thing. I just went through this slightly more than 6 months ago.

The most frustrating part is I go in for an IUI today, and when I mentioned to Dexcom I was having fertility treatments I was told, “Well you know the FDA doesn’t approve of the use of Dexcom during pregnancy”. A nice cold, callous response to my stress. I guess the rep forgot about all the studies that have been done that show CGM’s assisting with healthy pregnancies.

I guess this is just a rant, previously I had pretty decent experiences with them.

I struggled getting mine approved/shipped this year too. In the end, I facilitated everything between the distributor, Deccom, and my insurance company. Lots of frustrating phone calls (patience required!!), and lots of speaking with supervisors before I finally received my transmitter… 5-6 weeks later.

I’m not sure why it was so difficult this year. I did switch insurance companies, but I’ve switched the last few years too!! I mostly found that Dexcom was not communicating well (requests for authorizations lost, authorizations never received), so It’d probably be best to start tracking a lot of that yourself to make sure people are receiving documents that are sent.

Sorry you’re dealing with this!!

Are you still on the Animas pump ?

Ugh, great. I had been going through Edgepark for all my supplies, but they were such a pain. I thought going directly through Dexcom would be easier, but I seem to be mistaken. It took Edgepark about 2 weeks to get me a new transmitter last fall. Same deal, they didn’t get the paperwork, my dr’s office didn’t get the paperwork. It was infuriating. I was hoping Dexcom would be smoother.

Currently yes I am still on the Animas Vibe, but I just received my pods to start on the Omnipod. I had been on the Omnipod before going on Animas and liked it fine. The reason I had switched to a tubed pump before was fear of leaving the PDM behind. At the time I was working on an island and commuting everyday by ferry. I just had a big fear of leaving it one place or the other and not being able to get it (it was a 45 min ferry ride one way). I don’t work on an island anymore, had been really unhappy with the Animas also, so decided to just go back to Omnipod. I was going to start when I ran lower on my Animas supplies, I have about a month and a half of supplies for the Animas pump left, I hate to waste them.


It took me just over 6 weeks this year to get my Dexcom renewed. 4 weeks of Dexcom quoting me incorrect benefit levels, 1 week with my insurance company, and one week to actually get it which is especially frustrating because it’s sat at a FedEx Hub 20 miles from my house for four days before they delivered it

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Shoot. I should have just stayed with Edgepark. I never thought I would say that. I was hoping to have had it days ago.

No troubles here with Dexcom. Our supplies come like clockwork every 30 days, and the sensors work like a charm. Sorry for your problems.

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It took us two days on the phone to get a new transmitter. They shipped sensors but said I had to wait until May 1 to get a new transmitter even though my Kaiser insurance approved it.
Seriously it is frustrating.

My daughter had no issues this time. She called on Monday last week & the new system was delivered on Tuesday this week. She needed a new Rx & has changed Drs but the office seems to have replied quickly.

I would keep calling for updates. In the past, we’ve had to push to get things done.

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I am sorry to hear about your experience. I am new with Dexcom. I have not had to reorder yet, so I cant speak to that.
I can say that I had some issues with my sensors. They replaced with no problem. However, the rep on the phone made me feel like an idiot when I was trying to explain the issue. I told him I was new to CGMs in general and asked him to be patient with me, but he was condescending. The experience was so bad I shared it in detail in my survey. I got no response.
I love my Dexcom, but the service sucks…

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what sorts of issues have you had with your sensors, anjoru?

It was getting odd error codes. Dexcom asked for the lot number and just replaced them.

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I got a Dexacom 5 last Oct. It was a huge help. Edgepark *&? stopped shipping my supplies in Jan. They said they did not have contract with Blue Cross Alabama. After 4 months of phone calls I got someone at Blue Cross to help. Edgepark was using the wrong codes and did not get paid by Blue Cross. BC told them what code to use to get paid. They still will not ship to me. I have been trying to find another supplier.
Dexcom offered to ship me supplies at full price???
Is there another supplier out there? I can’t be the only person in Alabama with a Dexacom CGM that needs supplies.

I would call Dexcom and ask them. They have a master list that can be crosschecked with insurance/vendor choices. For that matter Tandem and I assume Medtronic does also.


If you have an employer health care plan, sometimes the employer HR dept can help to identify who they are contracted with. That’s how I found out I needed to use Byram, and have been happy with their service.

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I haven’t had problems getting my supplies, but that surprises me that Dexcom isn’t approved for use during pregnancy. It’s probably just a technicality, I’m guessing. I’ve been super dependent on my Dexcom and have been uploading my numbers every week to my endo’s office, as well as my Omnipod info, so they can make adjustments as necessary. I’ve kept a 5.4 a1c too, so far, so I think it’s working.

In fact, when I first changed to this endo office, they were shocked that I wasn’t on a pump and Dexcom already (this was back when Dex receivers were those large flat oval things!) and quickly got me everything I needed to start. I had told them that my husband and I had just gotten married and kids were in the future although not immediate. They absolutely insisted I needed a pump & cgm to manage a pregnancy well and now I can see why.

The Dex rep was probably covering his booty when talking to you, but honestly, they should go after that approval. All type 1 pregnant mamas need to be on a cgm!!


The FDA has significant restrictions on what is allowed by drug and device companies (including their salesreps). Generally speaking, anything off-label would be putting them in serious legal jeporday.

On the other hand, doctors have virtually free reign (I am sure certain exceptions - nothing is absolute) when it comes to off-label usage for drugs and devices.

So whereas it would probably be quite problematic for a Dexcom Rep to even be in a discussion about off-label use of a Dexcom system for someone who is pregnant, it would be entirely legitimate for a doctor to not only have a discussion but even to recommend it and of course prescribe it.

Dexcom will need to have clinical trials with an FDA submission and a label change. Sure - it totally makes sense. But on the other hand - this is not trivial nor cheap.

Dexcom probably figures the current state is good enough. At this point in time a Doctor who is not aware of the benefits of a cgm (and particularly for someone who is pregnant) may raise enough red flags that consideration to switch to another medical provider might be appropriate.

If the Dexcom rep were to discuss this with you they could potentially be charged by the FDA. All their calls are recorded. I am sure they are warned repeatedly about things they should not discuss so as to avoid legal jeopardy for the company and for them personally.


Yeah, I get that, I honestly think my frustration with that response was in the delivery. It was pretty callous, especially given to someone already stressed out about not having that safety net after ~10 years of having it. I also work in a job that I am often in remote areas, is physically active and I can’t tell always if my blood sugar is low, especially if I am tired.

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