Starting Dexcom trial this week

I have wanted a CGM forever as I check BG at least 10-15 times each day. I never sleep well as I’m always worried about my BG levels. I have had an Accuchek Spirit pump for 4 1/2 years and was hoping to get a new Animas Vibe earlier this year. Turns out the Spirit has a 6 year warranty so my medical insurance will only cover a new pump Nov 2014. I then decided to go ahead and purchase a Dexcom CGM with receiver in the meantime. Insurance in Australia doesn’t cover anything towards CGM :-(. I am finally getting a trial Dexcom on Tuesday so that I can try it out before committing to buying one. I’m excited, but also a bit nervous so checking out the CGM forum for advice :slight_smile:

I started using one in November last year. I cannot recommend it enough. I love it and it has been instrumental in fine-tuning my insulin/diet/exercise regimen. You'll love it and congratulations!

I can’t wait til the dexcom comes out in Canada in September :slight_smile: let us know how your trial goes!

I just started mine 2.5 weeks ago. At first I wasn’t sure how I liked it…it was, I don’t know, too present all the time, if that makes sense. I kind if resented its intrusion. However, now that I’ve given it longer, I’m really liking how it helps fine-tune, as has been mentioned. I also like it for exercising. My big thing is I had to get some extra adhesive for it from day 1. Try tegaderm, or I just got some opsite flexifix that I’m going to start using.

8 hours into my Dexcom G4 trial and so far, I’m loving it. I woke up this morning feeling a little nervous about things. Ive heard that the sensor insertion can be painful, but I honestly never felt a thing! Even better news, looks like I may get a loan Vibe until my insurance covers mine next year. That will mean I won’t have to pay for the receiver which costs $800 :slight_smile:

That's awesome cheryl! Glad the insertion didn't hurt. I've heard it looks worse than it is. Esp if you find a good spot. Even better about the loan vibe because let's face it every few dollars count :P glad you like it :)

You might have already read this from other posts, but you can get the sensor to last 2 weeks. Some get even longer usage out of them. I find it starts to irritate my skin for any period longer than two weeks.

The adhesive on the sensors is not that good. I purchased Tegaderm patches on Amazon and cut a hole for the sensor. The stuff will not come off and is amazing. However, when peeling it off yourself, it comes off easier than a band-aid and does not hurt at all.

Again - congratulations!

Cherylou - I hope you like the Dex as much as I do. I consider it essential to my overall health and wellbeing. Some people do not like living with this constant stream of data but I love knowing where BG is and where its headed. The accuracy is not perfect by any measure but it's a great approximation of where you stand BG-wise.

I find the first day or two a little rocky until the BG trace smooths out. A jittery line to me is a sign that the sensor and its enzyme have not fully settled in or is getting too old. I find the best accuracy for me occurs from days 4-10.

I use the the "Skin-Tac" brand of liquid appliance adhesive to swab on top of the Dex sensor fabric bandage. I use a portable hair dryer to hasten the drying of the Skin-Tac. This allows the sensor to stay affixed for at least two sessions, 14 days.

I calibrate more frequently on the first day and then try to limit calibrations to 2x/day and only when the arrow is trending sideways. I now use the average of two fingersticks for any calibration after the initial one.

I am so used to monitoring this data-stream that I feel kinda lost during the two hour startup blackout. The Dex has saved my bacon many times!

Be especially protective of your receiver. It is not waterproof and can be damaged by a fall. It can easily be inadvertently dropped or lost if stored unsecured for example, in a shirt pocket without a top flap or button. The toilet and sewer grates adjacent to a parked car are a few of your receiver enemies. Dexcom will not replace a receiver without charge! glad you love it. I love mine too, would give up pump before my CGM. Yeah, it feels like, for me, a rubber band snap, that's about it. I too use the opsite flexifix - amazon and just cut a hole out for the sensor. I've tried sensor on my legs and arms, didn't work too well (i don't have much fat)...but many people have had success in those areas. Great about not having to pay for the receiver too. Hopefully, we'll have an integrated all in one pump/Dex CGM soon, think Animas is working on this? Take care! :)


I'll just share what's worked from me in terms of setting 'alerts'. Due to the lag time, I set my low alert (single arrow alert too) for 90 before I eat. I typically don't like my fastings to be below that anyway. That way, by the time I hit a low say 60 or lower, my Dexcom will alert me at 90, showing a drop. I've had low, low's 40's and lower, etc...and yes, Dexcom alerted me but due to lag time, it buzzed 40 but about 20 minutes AFTER the low had already hit and after I downed 1/2 bottle of glucose tabs, ha! I change it back to 75 at night time, Dexcom seems very stable with only basal on board as the drop, if any, will be very, very slow. Maybe this will help you, too?

Woohoo, Animas let me know that the loan Vibe is on its way. I’m in love with Animas at the moment, but now I am thinking … will it be a pain to have to keep looking on the pump instead of using the G4? I usually tuck my pump into my undies. I may have to start wearing it somewhere more accessible.