I try to make my sensors last for 10 days. Sometimes the sensor adhesive rolls up after I wear certain clothes. Im always in the gym too, so its even harder to get the sensor to last that long. I try adhesive tape, but after a shower the adhesive tape is wet and doesn't stick as well. I wear the sensor on my lower stomach a few inches away from my belly button. does anyone have any life hacks to help me with this? I know its good to apply alcohol before putting on the sensor,but sometimes I wonder if its dry skin in that area that may be causing the sensor not to stick as good?

My prep that holds well for 14 plus days is "Silesse" skin barrier then "Skin Tac" which helps to hold the Dexcom in place and keeps me from having a rash. Occasionally I also need to use "Opsite Flexifix Tape" to hold down the edges.

A day or two after I first place the sensor, I cut strips of Opsite Flexifix for each side and place it as close to the plastic as possible, extending about 3/4" beyond the original tape all the way around.

I use Opsite Flexifix as well. I bought a roll of 4 inch wide tape in November 2012 when I got the Dexcom and I still have some left so a little goes a long way. My sensors last 3-4 weeks on average and I am a gym rat. I don't wear them on my abdomen at all and prefer the back of my arms. The readings are very accurate, the sensor is comfortable and I generally forget it is even there. I do clean the site with an alcohol prep beforehand then insert the sensor and I use a square of tape with the transmitter cut out. I usually need hubby's help to make it neat but it does keep the whole thing secure. This photo is a 4 week old sensor. ![|375x480](upload://if2cnKBiVCeI8FLtKD4VIVgL7EH.jpeg)

Clare: Do you start getting a lot of ??? messages toward the end of the second week. My average seems to be 11 to 12 days. By that point I'm getting large block of time (2 to 4 hours) of ???, so I just give up on that sensor.

I use Tegaderm. They have a size that fits perfectly and my insurance covers it. It's also really cheap on Amazon...28.00 for a box of 100. The only downside is the adhesive is a pain in the hiney to get off!

I can not ever remember getting ??? on the Dexcom.

I swap it out once I see either a lot more ??? or missed readings or those that are way off from my meter. My last couple have been accurate right on day 26 and then just stopped giving any readings.

Have tried a skin prep and Tegaderm?

This summer I began 'Start Sensor' on already in use sensors because: 1) My system becomes very accurate on day 5 of a new sensor, typically within 5% of glucometer. 2) I want to build up a backup supply of sensors for whatever might happen. 3) Cost. The longest I have been able to keep a sensor has been 11 days. Day 8 almost always results in 2 hour ??? and then continues OK until ??? start being a a nuisance 1 day before I have to change out. And this is the case without tape starting to come loose.