Dexcom sensor g4

Hello! I was just wondering how to make the dexacom senser g4 sensor to stick.I just recentley got it and I have it on for about an hour than it falls off any suggetions on how to make it stick.Thanks!

I am having the same problem with the adhesive only lasting 3 to 4 days when the sensors are recommended for 7 days The seven plus sensors stayed on securely for at least 14 days and up to 28 days. Maybe the shorter lifespan on the G4 adhesive is intentional on dexcoms part.

Have you been starting with an alcohol swab to the area? If you don't clean off some of the body's natural oils you could have those issues. A lot of people tend to use medical tape or coverings of some sort around the edges to help the dexcom adhesive last longer. Have seen Tegaderm mentioned most often (which just about any pharmacy would have), although I am currently using Hypafix.

Our current procedure for applying a sensor is:

- Clean the skin (soap and water)
- Clean with skin w an alcohol wipe and let it air dry - this can cause dryness to the skin resulting in irritation, but that's another issue.
- Soak the sensor adhesive with a Skin Tac wipe. It's preferable to let that dry a bit and then apply the sensor to the skin, being careful to push the adhesive down securely and completely.

This works for Caleb for a while. The tape may start to peel up, particularly in warmer month when he's swimming (and sweating). Then I use pieces of Flexifix to tape it back down.

I have successfully worn my sensor for 14 days - probably could have gone longer but it was starting to cause a rash. Here is my method;
Wipe skin with alcohol wipe, let dry, paint Skin Tac on my skin in the shape of the Dexcom tape, let almost dry, apply the dexcom and press down on the tape to make sure all areas are stuck down - finish insertion and good to go.
Hope this helps.

Thanks all of this helps out so much !!!!!!

I received some free samples of Skin Tac (on-line request from but have not had to use them since temperatures have dropped and not sweating as much. I've been avoiding applying the top of the tape across any valleys of a fold in skin and be certain to adequately clean the site being certain to let the alcohol completely dry off.