Dexcom G4 Training

Just wondering....did you go to a training session through your dr office to get started on the Dexcom G4 or did you view the online training and start on your own? My dr office hinted that I should go to a training first, but it seems pretty self intuitive to start on my own...

It depends. I started as a complete novice on the Dex 7 so was happy to receive it. Didn't and wasn't asked to go back for the G4. Plus took my husband as it's always good for me to have 2 people hear it. Kinda of like listening to directions to get somewhere when you're lost! He might remember a part I forgot!

I started on my "own" with some help from friends here. I watched the video on my computer, charged the receiver, then I went in to the chat room here and told everyone I was going to insert the sensor. I got some coaching on good sites etc and plunged ahead. Since it was my very first piece of D technology I appreciated the comments from those who came before me.
A couple of days later I met the Dexcom trainer at my doctors office and we were able to download the results and she gave me advice about setting the high and low alerts. But to be honest, I could have completely done without the training.
Everything else I have learned about the Dexcom system I have read here.

I did it on my own, as Clare said, reading posts here. I plan to go to my CDE to learn the nuances, but the start up has been easy and going well. Good luck.

Training from our Dr office was never mentioned. We learned from the tutorial disk they sent out. Spoke with others in our support group and none of them went to training either.

I just read the instructions. It was very simple as far as I'm concerned. But it all depends on who you are as well. I'm a techie guy. So I just dove right in and got going on it. But if it was someone like my mother she would need direct help. No video or documentation would help her.. (but she doesn't use one - just for an idea).

I had training from my CDE at the local hospital for both Seven+ and for G4. I could have upgraded to the G4 without training, but it was useful. She was able to point out the differences between the two systems. If your insurance will pay (mine did as part of diabetes self-management) go for it if you have a resource who you trust.

Not even. I just read the directions and followed them. Easy!

I got a short training session from a Dexcom rep. I’d say the use of it is fairly straightforward. For me, I just wanted some help with the insertion of the sensor. To me it looked too scary to attempt on my own.

I was glad I had training. Otherwise I might have pulled up on the collar too soon. Dexcom has really good online tutorials though so probably would have been ok too. What took longer was learning how to respond to numbers that change every 5 minutes when your insulin action is 3 hours.


I just read the instructions that came with it and had no problems. My husband tried to get me to watch the video, but I'm too hard-headed for that! lol