Dexcom share

Does dexcom share only work with apple phones my daughter and both need new phones she just strated using the g5 I want to get the right phone for it

No- Apple is not required but does work if desired. Android app is also now available however not all Android Devices. Dexcom has a compatibility link.
Note that you run the one app on the phone your daughter would carry and you would run a different app on the “parent” phone.

Your daughter (the person wearing the Dexcom G5 Transmitter) would run the Dexcom G5 Mobile App on her phone.
You as the parent (the person who wants to remotely view the cgm data) would run the Dexcom Follow App on your phone.

You and your daughter can have different types of devices.

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My daughter wants an I phone but I prefer android will share still work between the two

Absolutely. We are similar with an Apple iPhone picking up the G5 transmissions and running the G5 Mobile App for iOS.
Then I have an old Samsung tablet that I run the Follow App on.

There is no direct communication between the Apple iPhone and the Samsung tablet so it doesn’t matter.

The Apple iPhone will transmit the cgm data through the internet up to the Dexcom cloud servers.
The Samsung tablet pulls the data down through the internet from the Dexcom cloud servers.

So with the layer of the internet and the Dexcom server in the middle - it is not relevant whether the Phone for the person wearing the Dexcom transmitter is the same or different from the device the person using to view/follow the data is using.

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Just make sure the Android you pick out is compatible with the Dexcom share app.

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