Dexcom G5 Approval by FDA

I assumed it would just be there like it was when the 505 software update was made available. Which still is not available for peds, as far as I know. Which boggles my mind with all these other FDA approvals that Dexcom is hammering out.

Lorraine - I just spoke to Dexcom about the 505 software update for the pediatric version. She said with the G5 there is no longer an Adult and pediatric version. It’s one version for all ages and it includes the 505 software update.

Well that’s awesome. Thanks for letting me know. I wonder why this is not more obvious in the announcement, or maybe I haven’t paid close enough attention.

Incidentally, we had two receivers, one with 505 and one without, when we were using nightscout. They were very similar. The one with 505 noted changes differently - diagonal arrows on the ped were straight up/down arrows on the adult 505. I found that difference to be subtle, and not have a material impact on care decisions. Nevertheless, I’ll be happy to have the most current and accurate software for Caleb!

I’m anxious to see the new app, too! I keep checking the app store, but it’s not showing up.

Just had a checkup this AM and I showed my doctor the applewatch Dexcom app. He didn’t even know about it! And he was wearing an apple watch too. Odd. Anyway, the nurse downloaded my BG data from my G4 receiver so that we could review the data with my doctor. What will happen with the G5? I don’t plan on using the receiver with the G5 so will they just have to connect to my iPhone to get the data? Not sure I like that idea. A phone is much more personal than a Dexcom receiver. I do know that Dexcom has a new data platform called CLARITY. There is an app for it already for iOS. I wonder if this is what the future plan is for sharing data.

FINALLY! it looks like this company is coming into the technology world! No one (at least I don’t) wants to carry around a separate device (receiver) to check their BG levels, it’s just an inconvenience for me. Though as a new Vibe user (only 1 month), sucks I won’t be able to use my iPhone to check my sugars and still be compatible with the Vibe. I don’t always have my iPhone with me so keeping the G4 (it’s being shipped to me as I type).

I actually like having a separate receiver. It’s small enough that I keep it in my pocket on vibrate all day and know immediately (and discreetly) if my blood sugar goes out of range or changes rapidly. My phone is too big to easily carry around in my pocket. I also don’t feel self-conscious pulling it out of my pocket to glance at occassionally during meetings at work, which I would pulling out an iPhone.

Also, we experienced a two-day power outage (a huge windstorm knocked out power to over half a million people in my city—many were out for three or four days) and keeping my iPhone charged so I’d have contact with people was the most stressful part of the whole experience (which wasn’t all that stressful compared to a real emergency). I kept it on airplane mode and only turned on LTE occasionally to text family and check updates about the storm and power outages, and even so it didn’t last the two days. I loved that I had zero concerns about my Dexcom running out of power. I can only imagine it would have been a lot more stressful if a dead phone meant being cut off from both communication and access to my blood sugar trend (plus, I don’t think my blood sugar would have even displayed since I had airplane mode turned on 90% of the time).

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This is a good question. With the G4, the data resides on the G4 receiver and is uploaded from there. The G5 will ship with a receiver so I presume it will retain its ability to store the data. I’m interested in the answer to this question, too.

I don’t have a problem with using the Dex receiver and will use the G5 receiver in addition to the iPhone. I imagine if the iPhone is the repository of all the data, the doctor’s office will have a way to download the data without violating your privacy. Perhaps the iPhone can send all the data to the cloud and the doctor’s office can access it there and not even need your phone.

I have started to use the Dexcom CLARITY iOS app and once you connect your Dexcom receiver it automatically sends the data to their cloud under your own Dexcom Store account. From there you can view the data and even send a link to someone else. I’m assuming with the new G5 app, that you will no longer need to connect a receiver to download the data? Not sure yet…

I installed the Clarity app on my iPhone last week. When I ask for a report, it tells me that they don’t have data yet. Any ideas?

Here you go… You will need to have a Dexcom user account to log in to download the Clarity Uploader on your PC. Then after installed, you will need to connect your Receiver to your PC to upload your data.

Oh my goodness - this power outage issue to SOOOOO true. We’ve had to bad storms in the last several years resulting in 5+ day power outages. I was never worried about DexCom, but absolutely struggled with the other devices!

Is the Clarity app the app that G5 will be using? I have a sense that’s something different and G5 will have it’s own.

I’m thinking we should see an icon in the App store that looks like the following:

Anthony, thank you so much for the link. I attempted a few times to log on before but accepted defeat too quickly. I thought perhaps the app was not ready yet since the G5 is not yet in circulation.

This is a very good piece of analysis software. It may replace Diasend as my main stay. Here’s a graph that I find helpful. It contains 14 days worth of data shown as a standard day. It makes it easy to pick out the time of day for concern, if any. It’s easy to see that I need to focus on the midnight to 3 a.m. lows, something I’ve been working on for a few days now!

It also shows that I could use a little bit of work on my highs between 8-11 p.m. Nothing serious, but it targets where attention would be helpful.

I give Dexcom Clarity a big thumbs up! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Lorraine - There are two distinct pieces of software related to the G5. One is the software on the phone (an app) that will facilitate sharing data with someone remotely. That is the icon imagery that you’ve posted.

The other is the software, called Clarity, that permits uploading of data to the cloud for further analysis. The Clarity software is available now and also can be used with the G4 + Dexcom with Share receiver. Clarity will also be used with the G5 when it come out.

You are very welcome. I feel like I almost stumbled on this Clarity app by accident. No where on the Dexcom website can you find any mention of it. And a Google search returns back very little as well. I think it will mainly be pushed for the G5. We’ll see…

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Yay! It’s Mac compatible as well! I think I like this reporting even better than the traditional download. How great that I can send it via email right from my phone too! Thanks for pointing this out. But I still want that other app! lol :smile:


Yay! The lack of a Mac-compatible version of their standard analytic software was a big down check for me when I was investigating CGMs but I ended up going with the Dex in the end in spite of it. Really pleasant surprise to have this come along. Got my account set up yesterday.

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I would like to see Dexcom allow import of data from my pump, meter, and Fitbit, like Diasend does. Right now Clarity only uses data stored on the Dexcom receiver. That includes manual entry exercise and insulin. The software wizards need to realize that manual entry is a loser, especially since all this data is recorded on other devices. All in all, however, I really like Clarity!


Tidepool, tidepool…I don’t know enough about it, but don’t they have or are working on something to integrate all data?