Any new Dexcom versions?

Just wondering if there are any new versions in the works? My warranty is up so planning on getting a new system. Seems whenever I do, a new version comes out so thought I’d check around first!

The transmitter was recently upgrade to a much thinner device, so it doesn't stick out from your body as much as the older one's did. But for the receiver, or even a whole new device I think Dexcom is going to work with insulin pump companies first before anything new on a free-standing device.

Yes, like Scott said, there are integrations of the G4 with pumps now, and coming:
Animas Vibe was approved in December (basically a Ping pump, with G4 integration) and Tandem has a t:Slim that is being reviewed the FDA now, and will hopefully be approved this year.

Just found this. Apple Watch will apparently be able to work with DexCom in the future...

Scott - Thank-you for the link. This is the first I've read of this development. Seems like such a small advantage, glancing at a wrist-watch instead of accessing a belt-mounted Dex monitor, but removing that small barrier adds up when you look at the BG data display dozens of times each day.

I thought I heard about a G5 in the works....

Dexcom has released the new Share receiver which will communicate with iPhones by Bluetooth without the use of the Share cradle. Anyone who purchased a new receiver after 1/1/15 will get the upgrade without any additional charge. I have heard that others will pay $199 for the upgrade. I assume that all new receivers shipping now are the Share receiver.

and no Android... not getting it :-(

If someone with a Share reciever wants to reverse-engineer the protocol over BT, I'll write the Android app. I'd reverse engineer it myself, but I don't have a share reciever.

G5 with Bluetooth integrated (thus being able to communicate directly with iPhone and Apple Watch) should be out mid to late this year.