Very excited about the new Dexcom Share mobile app

This is terrific news! And I'm happy that the upgrade is free if you are already using Share!

Dexcom OK to market glucose monitoring app
Jan 23 2015, 16:16 ET | By: Douglas W. House, SA News Editor Contact this editor with comments or a news tip
The FDA allows the marketing of Dexcom's (NASDAQ:DXCM) Share mobile app that enables diabetics to share data from a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) in real time from an Apple mobile device thereby enabling caregivers to remotely monitor a patient's blood sugar levels.The Dexcom Share system displays data from the G4 Platinum CGM System via two apps: one installed on the patient's mobile device and the other installed on the mobile device of another person. The real-time data is transmitted to a web-based storage location where the app "follower" can download and display also in real time.The device is classified as Class II which means a premarket submission was not required.

Well that really bites only in the US.

I am very interested in this but I guess I will have to wait a bit. I just got a new receiver at the end of last year, so my understanding is I won’t be eligible for a while unless I want to pay for an upgrade. I think I will wait it out.

This is a good step, but not enough to make an upgrade purchase in my opinion. It's iPhone only, and still requires you to carry around the new Bluetooth Dexcom receiver.

When it's Android-compatible and takes the Dexcom receiver out of the picture, I will be a very happy customer!

I seriously doubt it will be made for Android. Android has a real security problem, and Google doesn't seem too eager to fix those problems.

So my gripe with all this is simple....IF it only works with a APPLE phone....why on *#!! doesn't Dexcom ONLY use WINDOWS based platforms for their software (uploading of your data or downloading software updates). I am a MAC person. I am only keeping an old Windows XP laptop around just for my Dexcom....would be nice if THAT technology would catch up!

Are you aware that there's a home-brewed solution that catches the radio signal directly from the Dexcom transmitter and then relays via Blue Tooth low energy signal to an android phone running an open source app. It's called Dexdrip. This is part of the grass roots "we are not waiting" movement.

Katrina, I also am a Mac person, I use Diasend to upload my data, it will upload my dexcom and my omnipod and put all the information in a nice package for my Endo, she can even go on line and view it if she wishes also as it is all in the cloud. I used to have to use parralles on my Mac and hated it but for months now I only use diasend.

This link works. Sorry for the dead one!