Dexcom G5 bluetooth help


My wife is trying to pair her transmitter to a new iphone as her old iphone has broken. The transmitter is only a week old. When working her way through the dexcom app it says '‘can’t pair with your phone as it’s already paired with another device’. Does anybody know a way round this? Its quite urgent and the UK technical support for dexcom is Monday-Friday only.


Problem solved. Called Dexcom USA and they had to ‘release’ the old information. Seems to have worked. Can’t fault the customer service for Dexcom. Hopefully they’ll make the UK customer service 24hr one day.


Would you mind elaborating? I am curious as I have not encountered this.

I’m wondering if you had to “forget” a previous pairing before you could pair it to a new one.

I think the details of the transmitter and phone paired info must go on to a Dexcom server or something like that. The customer service rep definitely had to do something online before we could continue the setup. We tried to get our new iphone to ‘forget’ the Bluetooth connection before we called dexcom and also a hard reset of the new iphone but it still didn’t work. It is one of the old G5 transmitters (issued in the UK September 2016) so I don’t know if that contributed to it.