Dexcom G5 New Transmitter not working

Has anyone had issues with a Transmitter where it will not pair? I tried to use a new Transmitter last night and haven’t been able to get it to pair with my G5 receiver or my phone app. I actually ended my old Transmitter early knowing that it might die in a few days. So now I have 2 Transmitters I can’t use.
So I tried calling Dexcom technical support but all they were able to do is send a new one to me. They said the earliest would be Wednesday because there is no mail service today.
Does anybody know of a way to get an old sensor to work or any other options besides checking my blood sugar manually throughout the night. This is so aggravating I have Hypo-unawareness and get lows at night sometimes.
I am seriously thinking about switching to another company. I recently had a receiver that stopped working after 3 months and it stopped working around he holidays. I hate going days without a continuous glucose monitor. I don’t understand why the newer updated models for Dexcom have less battery and don’t work as well as the older models have for me.

Actually you can not technically “end” a Transmitter. You can certainly stop using the Transmitter and change the Transmitter ID in your SmartPhone App and in your Receiver.
Point being, should you change your mind, you can just as easily put that Transmitter back onto a sensor and put that Transmitter ID back into your SmartPhone App and/or your Receiver and use that older Transmitter again.
Caveat of course that the G5 Transmitter will not start a new session once it is more than 104 or 105 days old (since date of first activation). If you do your final sensor restart at this point, you may be able to get up to the maximum of 112 days of usage out of your G5 Transmitter.

So if last night, you stopped using the older Transmitter but it was only 90 days old and had just given the first warning that says it will stop in 22 days then you should be able to start a new session against it.

When pairing a new Transmitter, it can take up to half an hour. The most obvious issue is making a typo when entering the new Transmitter ID into the Receiver or SmartPhone App. Certainly one would assume you checked that multiple times once you realized there was an issue. Failing that, if neither the SmartPhone App nor the Receiver will pair then I would agree with Dexcom Technical Support that the most likely culprit is a problem with the new Transmitter which can not be resolved by an end user.

But that older Transmitter may still be usable.

What tim said. Takes up to half and hour, and of course make sure you accurately entered the xmitter ID into the receiver.

I have tried the old sensor again. It recognizes it but won’t let me restart it. Says to order new Transmitter. I must be past the cut off day. I know that it should still work because it has at least a few more days of battery. I made the mistake of ending it early. But it had allowed me to put a new sensor in last Friday. So it should have had enough battery until at least this Thursday.

I think the issue is that you removed it or hit “Stop Sensor”, right? When you are on the last week of the life of an xmitter, you don’t want to stop it prior to the last expected usable date, or I think it shuts down prematurely. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, PLEASE.

That is correct. The G5 transmitter will not start a new session unless there is enough time left for a full seven data session without exceeding 112 days total. Which depending on how you count the days means you can not start a new session any later than day #104 or 105 (from first date of transmitter activation).

(This assumes using Dexcom Receiver and/or Dexcom Apps. If using something else like xdrip then this does not apply but that is an entirely different topic.)

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Yeah that was what I was thinking. I wasn’t planning on the new Transmitter not working though.

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@Kristy13, if all else fails and you are unable to pair your transmitter, download XDrip+. XDrip will allow you to pair a Dexcom transmitter until the day it dies, usually long after the Dexcom app has artificially stopped recognizing your transmitter. I usually get 6-8 weeks extra life after the Dexcom app stops my transmitter with a software block. When the batteries actually die, I replace them (see YouTube) for ~$3, reseal the transmitter and have a free(ish) 5 months worth of Dexcom transmitter.

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I saw something about that when looking up Transmitter information. It seemed kind of complicated to me though. Do you know if there is an app out there already developed? Also, don’t you have to build a device to go with the app?
It definitely seems interesting to me.

I think it’s ridiculous that Transmitters are set up to stop working even though there is more life in them. I’m not sure why they do that but all I know is I never had any issues with reliability in the old versions and those lasted a lot longer.

I was 100% Dexcom for life until last December when I started having issues with my Dexcom receiver. Now I’m definitely considering switching to the new Medtronic pump with all these Dexcom Transmitter issues. I currently use the Medtronic 530 pump and Dexcom G5.

With an Android phone, go to Settings>Security>Trust Apps from Unknown
sources and enable the Unknown sources. Next go to and download the
lastest APK (link on page). Install, designate which Dexcom system you are
running, input your transmitter serial number and you should be good to go
in ~15 minutes. Start to finish with working transmitter ~15 to 20
minutes (including warmup). XDrip+ shows readings even during the normal
2 hour Dexcom warmup.

It seems like you preferred the Dexcom G4 version better with its longer life transmitter. Next time you are eligible to order a Dexcom transmitter, you may order the G4 + Share version and use your old Dex receiver, if its still operable. The sensors are compatible with either the G5 or the G4.

The Dexcom G4 + Share system is still available for purchase. I’ve stuck with it for several reasons, one of which is transmitter battery life. I get about 9-12 months of service from the 6-month warranty transmitter. That way I can build up some extra transmitter supplies since I order one every 6 months.

I don’t like being without the BG data stream a CGM provides, either. I find that I fingerstick three or four times when the weekly 2-hour blackout occurs. I hope you get your CGM back in operation soon. Good luck!

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Thank you so much for this. i really appreciate it. I found my old android phone and was able to install the app and get my Transmitter up and running again. It took a little while and adjusting the settings but this was definitely not complicated. I’m glad that I have this if needed. The last 2 nights I just let my blood sugar run high so it wouldn’t drop low during the night. I have Hypo-unawareness and occasionally get lows at night.

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Terry, that is a good idea. Thanks for the information. I will talk to my Endocrinologist too. Dexcom is sending a new Transmitter so I might be able to get a new one in March anyways.
I just don’t understand why I have had so many issues and it’s supposed to be better technology. I am thinking about going to the newest Medtronic pump though to try the artificial pancreas type thing. I would have last year but my pump is under warranty and it would have been $3500 for a new one. I have tried 2 types of Medtronic pumps in the past with CGM and both didn’t have reliable blood sugar readings. So I just use Dexcom with my Medtronic pump.

Be sure to do a search of TuDiabetes using the search term, “Medtronic 670G”. Search may be accessed with magnifying glass icon near the top, upper right corner of this page. There are some extended accounts with the 670G. I would read, in particular, @DrBB’s post and comments. His trial extended over many months.

People have used the 670G with mixed results. It’s Medtronic’s first generation closed loop, so improvements are sure to come in the future.

@Kristy13, I am very glad it worked out for you! I have similar issues
and have come to rely heavily on the “security” my CGM provides. It’s also
nice to be able to save a few bucks too. :slight_smile:

That’s definitely true. It’s probably better to wait. My A1C is not as bad as it used to be so I’m willing to wait. I don’t want to waste my money if their new CGM has issues.

Yes it’s always good to save some on medical expenses. Thanks again.