Dexcom G5 lasts?

Good afternoon/evening all,

I know I am beating a drum that has been beat many times, but Im looking for more of a specific answer if possible.

I just started wearing the Dexcom G5 - Love it, and wearing it on the arm. People are saying it is lasting 2-3 weeks + in some cases.

The first one I had in I knocked off, now the second one I have had in for 12 days and it is starting to go wonky, losign signal and the readings are way off from a blood glucose tes. Recently Dexcom read 180, blood was 322, yes I almost fell of the chair.

I’m gathering its time to take it out, but how are people getting so much use out of the? or is 10 days not bad? Is there anything that people are doing differently? Or is this just the case of “My Body” and “This one Sensor”

Thank you for any information !!!

Sensors used to last much longer. I now typically get 8 or 9 days out of a sensor.

It varies by person. For quite a while, I was getting 10-12 days before the readings were unreliable. More recently, I’ve been making it to 14. But never beyond that. I wear it on my abdomen… some others that report longer durations seem to wear it on their arms.

I’ve been using G5 since late Dec 2017. As I did with my G4, I have routinely worn each sensor for 2 wks, then changed. But, if a sensor became goofy close to the end of the 2 wks, I would take it out and start a new one.

Until 3 weeks ago: I don’t know if this is a reproducible event, but this is what happened:

  • Sensor was giving goofy results after just ~12 days (less than two 7-day cycles)…
  • Normally, I would start new sensor at the end of two weeks…
  • But, I was away from home, probably not be home before 48 hr…
  • So, I restarted the goofy sensor…
  • When it was calibrated (i.e., started another 7-day cycle), it was a jewel!..
  • The 7-day cycle (which is really the 3rd cycle for this sensor) has been accurate as I could ever dream of.

I know of a lot of PWD who (like me) just plan to change sensors every two weeks.

I’m beginning to wonder now if I should try this again and see how often I can reliably get 3 weeks from each sensor!


Thank you so very much for this. Unfortunately just before reading the reply, I pulled the darn goofy one out, would of loved to try that. Well at least I know moving forward.

Thank you very much for the info !!!

@SiggyB you might also try other areas of your body for sensor placement. Some people do well on the arms, some the abdomen, some the thighs. Even though Dexcom hasn’t approved of the area, it will most likely still work. Also, if you have scar tissue from mdi/infusion sets, the sensors work well there. Like Diabetes, we are all unique.

I am on the Dexcom G5 and I am getting a solid 21 days out of a sensor. I think it really depends on how close you keep the phone or G5 Receiver near you and how they are attached. I use a large tagaderm (sp?) and cut out the center to make sure it stays put. I am also on the Omnipod, so I keep the G5 off my arms as I need the real estate for the pump. Wearing it on the stomach gets my best results, and wearing on the thigh gets the worst. Play around and see what works for you the best. Even if you can get 14 days - you are ahead of the game.

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Devildog and Group

Thank you very much very valuable information. I put one on my abdomen last night and man its bang on with the blood tests. I may have to change my way of thinking, but will look for Tagaderm here in Canada.

Thank you again !!!


Thank you, I will definitely give this a go, unfortunately I read this too late and had already pulled it out, so I will try this in the future.

Thank you !!!

I found keeping Dex from being jostled by clothes or the random wall helpful. I have to use my arms because I’m lean. I glue the sucker on practically, tape it some more and I made these stretchy Lyrca arm bands to slid over my arm. I can get 25-34 days before it gets major drift or just quits.
I have a busy life on a domestic farm I’m sweaty and dirty a lot. I’m forever colliding with something or the animals are knocking into me. For me keeping the sensor as undisturbed as possible gets me longer wear time. I’m working up the nerve to try my thighs. Dex just won’t read on my stomach or sides. :woman_shrugging:t3:


I’m sticking with G4 - same sensor as G5. Only a couple times has a sensor lasted over 2 weeks. They normally fail before day 11 and often start ??? on day 3, 4, or 5. I’m OK with 10 days because longer than that I end up with a red bump at the injection site that lasts up to a week after removal.

So how do you get them to last?? Ours went out around noon today and we decided to wait until tonight to change it. School will be starting soon and my wife doesn’t want to change it during school hours.

I assume you “trick” it? Meaning that you leave the old sensor on but then tell it that is has a new sensor so you get more time out of it. Thanks for any info on getting them to last a bit longer.

There is no “trick” to restarting a G5. Simply Hit “End Sensor”, if it hasn’t reached the end of the 7th day, and then hit “Start Sensor”. How could you characterize that simple process as a “trick”? If the sensor HAS reached it’s end, then there is no need to hit “End Sensor” because that particular command won’t be visible on the Dexcom receiver (or app) menu.

Ok, I wasn’t sure. Have never tried it past 7 days. So if you are on day 7 but have time left just hit end and then start it back up.

It’s that simple.

[EDIT] I just remembered I am within less than 2 hours from the end of 7 days so this has reminded me to do a restart.