Help with Dexcom G5

So, had faulty everything yesterday. Called Dexcom and seemed like we were back on track. Apparently though, the spot on my abdomen is crap for a sensor. I’m apparently compressing it while I sit here at my desk, because I calibrated it like it asked, and it nosedived again just now. No waistband pressing on it, no strange anything. I just carry all of my weight in my middle and it’s awkward.
Do I insert a new one and call them again? The FDA approved sites just don’t work for me. :roll_eyes:

I’ve had success with back of the arm, though I don’t remember how I got it on. I do it to give my stomach a break. Luckily, there are a few videos of people showing how to do the arm insertion by yourself.

It does take a while to get used to having a sensor on in a different place, though.

link to video of inserting CGM on arm by yourself

Call and ask for a replacement, yes.

I sort of feared having the same issue, myself given my body shape. I also opted for my arm.

I called and they are overnighting this one to me. This makes four sensors, a receiver, and a transmitter coming.
I love this thing, but we are arguing right now.

I had the same problem with the Medtronic CGM. I’ve since switched to Dexcom, but after the issues I had with my stomach before I have always put my CGM in my upper outside thigh. I have had issues since (years). I would highly recommend it.

I’ve had it there before, but after the first failure I moved it back. The newest sensor is on my upper outer thigh again and seems to be working perfectly. I can only do that on my left side, because I sleep on my right.

I’m new to Dexcom (have the G5) and am milking (the heck out of) my last sensor for all it’s worth! (day 22 as of now…it’s prolly not long for this world) I put the first one in my abdomen as instructed and it worked okay. The rest of them, I’ve had in my arm (after going to MasterLab/FFL in Orlando & seeing EVERYONE with sensors in their arms! :smile: ) and had great results with it. Honestly, I’m amazed at how accurate this OLD sensor is reading. I definitely wouldn’t worry about switching to the arm. I’m not sure why Dexcom doesn’t approve it as a site since virtually everyone has at least tried it there. I actually prefer it, the way most folks do, to save as much space as possible for pump sites. Idk if I’d let them know you were putting it in the arm, but I would call to see about getting a replacement sensor since #1- they ain’t cheap and #2-you’re obviously not going to get good readings from its current location & it could possibly be a defect in the sensor. Good luck!

Make sure you do NOT “shutdown” the machine when you are replacing sensors. Just stop the sensor and leave the receiver on. After having our second one replaced, we finally figured it out. Regarding arm placement and doing it yourself, there is a plethora of videos on Youtube that show how to do it. It looks pretty easy and straightforward! Many people have had success with the arm and it’s where we’ve moved our sons sensor.

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Until I read it here on this Forum, I never knew about the “Do Not Shut Down” warning. Thank G-d that my daughter has never hit “Shut Down” before restarting a sensor after 7 days!

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