Dexcom G5 Supplies

I am the father of a 13 year old type 1 diabetic who was diagnosed 6 years ago and has been pumping for 5. I recently purchased the Dexcom G5 primarily to allow him to monitor using his phone. We reside in Canada and are Canadiens and the G5 is not approved for use in Canada yet. When I purchased it there was an active market for supplies on eBay. Apparently eBay is now removing any listings for Dexcom supplies. This is making it difficult for us to Source supplies for his CGM. Any thoughts that may be of assistance to us? One further note this is all out-of-pocket costs for us as we have no insurance coverage for CGM’s. Thank you.

You could hire a mail forwarder with a US address. You would still need a doctor’s prescription. Not sure if your local doctor in Canada is good enough or not but you could ask. What If you were a family that lived intermittently in both countries?

This is a frustrating problem. The supplies you seek are entirely appropriate for your T1D son. It’s a contrived problem without a legitimate rationale.

I’ve wanted to try the Abbott Libre flash glucose monitoring system but it is not available in the US.

Another thought. Perhaps you could travel with your son to a US city for a doctor’s appointment where he could get an Rx for the Dexcom. Then you could use a US mail forwarder’s address for delivery. This shouldn’t be so hard! Good luck.