Dexcom G5/Tandem X2 question

For those of you who wear your Dexcom on your arm, does your Tandem pump read the Dexcom if your pump is in your front pocket? How about when you sleep? Any problems with the pump reading the Dexcom?

I wear my Dexcom on the back of my upper arms. If the CGM is on my right arm, then I must keep the pump in the right side pocket for reliable reception. Similarly left arm, left front pocket. When I am sitting in an easy chair and the back of my arm is against the cushion, I can lose reception. But that is rare and I try to keep my arm on the armrest and have no problem.

I lose reception occasionally at night when I find myself sleeping on the pump. It floats free in the bed and I usually have to pull on the tubing to find out where it is. I can see that once there is the low glucose suspend and more advanced insulin dosing that I will probably have to clip the pump to my waistband so that CGM communication is not blocked.

In general I have been able to have mostly reliable communication between my G5 and the X2. But IMO Tandem must do something to make the Bluetooth more reliable before moving towards an artificial pancreas insulin-dosing model.

(A week ago I received Dexcom G5 supplies paid for by Medicare and I am no longer allowed to use my X2 as my receiver. I hate carrying the Dex receiver, but I appreciate the $3-4 thousand annual savings because of Medicare coverage. Before last week I was using both my phone and my pump. I kept the alarms on the phone and disabled them on the pump. I still loved after the CGM number on my pump screen for bolusing info.)

Thanks Laddie!

I have to keep my X2 within a few inches or it looses signal.
I have been sent a new G5 sensor once, and yesterday they just sent me a new X2 pump.
I hope this new pump will do a much better job.
I currently have the G5 on my outside lovehandle, and keep my X2 in a SPIbelt a few inches away.
I cannot even put my pump in my pocket without it loosing signal!

My X2 and Dexcom sensor losing a signal when they are just inches away from each other is but one of the things I am disliking with the X2 I got in November. Tandem says it is a Dexcom problem so I am calling them on Monday. Interesting to hear Tandem sent you a replacement for the same problem. Did that fix the signal?

I don’t know if I would say it fixed it, but it definitely works better for me!
I still keep the X2 very close to the G5. So I am not really testing just how different it is.
I know that I had issues with this over a FEW G5 sensors, so it’s not like I didn’t test that part out.
And my phone(s) always had great reception of the G5 signal.