X2 bluetooth reception from Dexcom G5?

Ok, I know I have heard a few people here talk about the limited reception for blue tooth signal from the G5 transmitter.
I have to keep mine about 3" to 4" or closer to get consistent reception.
This has been going on for two different transmitters now.
I called Tandem today, and they are going to send me another transmitter.

I am not overweight, so I know that body mass is not causing this.
I also know that my phone would get great reception under far worse conditions, for both transmitters.
I was last running xdrip+ on my Note 8 phone. Even it was getting better reception than the X2 was.
For my sanity, I completely removed xdrip+ from my phone, and the X2 is the ONLY thing receiving signal from the G5 transmitter.
Even this hasn’t improved the reception.

On a side note, I sure am happy that the back fill option works great! I have got up in the morning, or middle of the night, and see an hour or two of missed data. Wait 5 minutes and it’s all there!

Still, this is disconcerting to think about when we want this pump to be able to use the G5, or G6, to make LIVE corrections!

I have the same frustration. Tandem sent me a new transmitter and it is better than the one I was using (which is not old). Before the new one, I could not get reception on my pump when my pump was in my bra, mere inches from the Dexcom. Now that works. But generally i find my pump has to be pretty near the Dexcom and that is not always the case. I too am concerned when they go to PLGS because too often I have the red symbol on my pump that it is not getting a signal. And my phone can be pretty far away, in my back pocket, all kinds of places and get reception. Tandem told me my body would block the signal and the pump has to be on the same side of the body as my Dexcom. But my phone does not have to be on the same side of my body. That tells me it’s the receiver in the pump and not the transmitter. I hope Tandem fixes this before PLGS comes out.