Dexcom G5x trial in progress

Looks like a Dexcom automatic insertion device, as well as an updated transmitter and sensor named G5x are in the works. Here is a review by a trial participant.

Edit: this post has been deleted, sorry. I suspect the person who posted the detailed review with photos violated some confidentiality agreement associated with the clinical trial and was asked by Dexcom to remove the post. In short: it appears that G5x, if and when it becomes available, will include an automatic insertion device and a new much slimmer transmitter. Looks like the transmitter will be able to store the readings, which will resolve any issues with dropped BT data points. These are all exciting developments - lets hope these Dexcom updates get approved and become available soon.


This sounds like a great improvement. I hope it will be available soon!

If the G5x stores all values then missed values with the G5/G4 should be a thing of the past. Thanks for posting this!

Were the pictures deleted?

this is great. Thanks for the post.

The post had been deleted by the time I got around to looking at it. I googled and looked at the cached page of a reddit post to try to get an idea what the original post had been like. The photo has also been deleted from imgur.
FWIW, here’s a link to the Google’s cached copy of the reddit post. Be aware that this will probably also disappear rather quickly. When I notice that it has been, I’ll try to remember to update this post so that folks don’t waste there time in the future. :wink:

Not surprising. Clinic trials are supposed to be confidential. It may even matter more to the FDA than it does to the company, though I expect Dexcom also doesn’t want information tossed about when they are still not certain what the product will look like when it hits the market.

The key word in your observation is “IF”, of course. It was obvious to me that Dexcom had switched some things around purely for the purposes of this trial so I am not positive that Dexcom is going to fold a buffer into their transmitter when they upgrade their transmitter again.

On the other hand it would make sense for them to do so, so maybe they will. They apparently have already figured out how they might tweak their system to accomplish this. The only other question is whether or not they need to do a firmware update for their existing receivers in the field. But then again perhaps they’ve already included the code to support a buffer in the transmitter into their existing or recently released receivers? Guess we will wait and see …