Dexcom G6: Important Safety Tip!

Woops, wasn’t even paying enough attention! But I’ll leave the post as it’s always useful to newbies!


Leave it, it’s useful

Thanks for the suggestion, I put in G6 and took out his name!

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I just got a Dexcom G6 yesterday - my first CGM ! I was careful to not touch that little breakaway tab until I already had the thing already on the site I wanted it to end up on :slight_smile: Thanks for the heads up!


I’ve never seen a reason to break off the orange safety tab before placing the sensor unit.

I did that a couple of months ago. I had used SkinTac, and the sensor actually stuck! A couple of minutes after inserting it, I said to myself hey, they’ve made that backing stiffer and thicker. A couple of seconds later, I realized the grim reality. I did not even have the excuse of being sleepy. I added tape around the edges and decided to see if it would work.

That sensor lasted ten days. It seemed to work reliably, so I did not do a fingerstick the whole time, though I should have. At the end, I did one and found that the sensor was reading a lot lower. Since I had not been checking, I don’t know if the extra layer had been affecting readings or if this was just a momentary aberration.


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