G5 sensors

I just went through 3 sensors in 3 days. I was fine during the day but at night it would go off every hour. I would check my BS and find it in range, far from the CGM reading. It was lot 7256208 for the G5. I called Dexcom and they sent 1 sensor replacement. FYI

@Bonnie65. I too have had several G5 sensors that have gone bad in the middle of the seven day service period. Plus several others whose readings for the first two days and the last day area equally off the mark. Sure Dexcom replaces them but that’s not the point. Medicare & my supplement insurance company are paying for FDA approved quality DME and the quality seems to have left town lately. I’m glad I can’t integrate them with my Tandem t:Slim X2 as I would fear for my safety. I sure hope the G6 sensors, that soon will replace the G5’s, meet & perform to the specs they are suppose to be built to and approved to be built to. The performance of these G5 sensors that once worked well, do not now. Plus this not a placement/location problem as there was never a previous problem in that regard with me.

My G6 was reading 200 points off yesterday. I have lost a LOT of sensors. I dont find them as reliable as the old G4. But, they are upgrading all of us, so we are all in the same boat together.

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Between my M670G and Dexcom G5 being 40 points off at times I can’t figure which one is the biggest problem at times. Its like a three ring cirrus going on. Can’t tell if the pump is giving me the insulin needed or the infusion set is not working or the G5 sensor or transmitter is going to fail shortly . Drop signal happens when the receiver and iphone is two foot away for no reason at all. I tried the Guardian 3 for 8 months and it was a nightmare most of the time. Between testing 10 to 12 times asking me to check glucose level and getting fake lows in the middle of the night and a price increase during that time it was time to say good-by. The G5 started good for the first year but lately been having sensors ending early and transmitter dying early. Now next week I suppose to get the G6 and the reviews I read its a 50/50 mix good or bad.


You can add me to the “good” side. I love it, had very few problems, and it’s way more accurate than the either G5 or Guardian 3.

I hope that I end on the same side as you.