Dexcom G6 Sensors Available

Just upgraded to Dexcom G7. Have two new and unused G6 sensors left over. If you can use them, private message me Happy to mail them.


You may want to consider using them at the same time you are using the G7. That way you can compare results and make sure they act as expected. I did that with the last upgrade G5 to G6 and the results were close but not dead on. The results are shown as 2 lines on the Clarity graphs. I will be doing that with the G7 soon as I am building G7 stock while depleting my G6 stock.


I don’t disagree with CJ114 – I’m doing that right now. But if you are ready to donate –

I have given away sensors via IIRC, I learned about them from an article in the NY Times.

I would keep them and use them so you can have a back up supply of a couple of G7 sensors. But there is Passing it Forward Diabetes FB page. You just private message someone that’s posting a need or you can post you have them. You can collect shipping if you want.

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