What to do with old dexcom 7 plus sensors...have g4

I Have no use for my dexcom seven plus sensors. Does anyone know what I can do with them? I tried to sell on ebay but they got removed.

Wish I knew. I have ten sensors and the receiver and will soon qualify for the G-4. Ten sensors will last me 30 weeks potentially! Would love to sell it if possible but looks unlikely. Let me know.

Just as a reminder, it is against our Terms of Use on TuDiabetes to post about the exchange/Sale/Giveaway of Prescription items.

“... we cannot allow the exchange, sale or giveaway of items that require a prescription from a licensed practitioner (such as a doctor, dentist, ophthalmologist or optometrist) in our communities. Examples of prescription items include but are not limited to: insulin pumps, insulin pump supplies and insulin. Any prescription items listed for sale, exchange or giveaway by any member will be deleted.”

We encourage you to donate supplies to non-profits such as the Charles Ray III Diabetes Association (http://www.cr3diabetes.org), which accepts unexpired glucometer and insulin pump supplies, or Insulin For Life USA (www.insulinforlifeusa.org) which accepts donated supplies for Medtronic insulin pumps and unexpired vials of insulin.

You may also want to talk to your healthcare team, as they may have a local organization identified that may take supplies.

Sorry 8>(

I think you misunderstand...not looking to sell or give away here...was looking for a place to give them. thanks i will look at those 2 sites and asked them if they will take them. My endo's office has no need for them so they suggested I find somewhere else that they would get used before expiring as they cannot give out expired items.

I know Ellie I'm sorry too :(

I understand. Some other members may not have seen it that way, and may either chime in that they want to sell theirs too (even though that's not what you were doing), or they may also start a new discussion, selling their own. I just wanted to add a friendly reminder (for everyone) that unfortunately TuDiabetes is not a place where we can do that.

Perhaps your endo's office might know of a support/social group (for example there is a T1 group in my area of about 15-20 individuals who meets regularly) that you could contact, so that you could provide the supplies to someone local?

No worries, sorry for sounding misleading. I can ask them if there is a group. Just dont want something to go to waste....but also dont want to get into trouble for doing it the wrong way.

No doubt! The world needs more people like you :) On a semi-related note, I know when omnipod finally releases its 2nd gen pod, I will have 2 old style pumps that will not operate w/ the new pods and I will likely have quite a few of the old pods left. I, too, will be looking for individuals that can use these pumping supplies when I transition to the new one. I would hate for all of these items to go to waste too!

Thank you for looking for a way to help others!

Medicare does not cover CGM's and I have Dex 7+ sensors too. I will continue using them, but only when I really need them. I will probably buy a G4 system when my Dex 7 stops working.

Not a bad idea to keep as a back-up. I have 2 so that when I travel i will bring the second with me. It would be just great to drop it in the john and not work after. I did this 2 years ago when my wife and I were on a European cruise.
Lots of mindfull comfort.

Perhaps a local organization (hospital, JDRF, Joslin or doctor) would have a program that could get the sensors into the hands of someone who needs them.

Fwiw, there are other sensors for sale on eBay.