Dexcom G6 submitted to Health Canada

For anyone searching the .net for info; I had a chance to speak with a Dexcom Canada representative and it was confirmed that the Dexcom G6 was submitted to Health Canada approximately two months ago… let’s hope it will be available soon!

… And with that, the Tandem t:slim pump should be here soon:crossed_fingers:t3:… and hopefully the pump software upgrade called BasaI-IQ technology which predicts and helps prevent lows with zero fingersticks (of course already avaialble in the U.S.). Works in tandem with the G6.

Here’s to sunnier days ahead :slightly_smiling_face

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Exciting news. I hear good things about the G6 in the facebook group. The dexcom tandem t:slim combo is the only FDA (or Health Canada) approved system I would use.

Tracking your blood sugar in real time is necessary for my survival. I have been on insulin since February 1985. I have to do, between 3 and 10 tests a day. Every time I eat something or feel something is wrong, it’s always a variation in blood sugar. 34 years later, I have no sign of a diabetic complication. I see my doctor once or twice a year, worse, I eat what I want.