Dexcom G6 Transmitter - revision

I just picked up a new Dexcom G6 Transmitter from the pharmacy.

Super Convenient from the pharmacy !!!

Anyhow, the packaging is different. The labeling on the packaging is different. And the serial number prefix is different.

Older G6 Transmitters:
Serial Number: 80xxxx
Two Printed dates on package: Manufacture Date & SB (Ship By) Date.
Ship By Date is 8 months after Manufacture Date.

Newer G6 Transmitter:
Serial Number: 81xxxx
Two Printed dates on package: Manufacture Date & Expiration Date.
Expiration Date is 8 months after Manufacture Date.

I suspect the details of the wording on the transmitter warranty between the packaging having the “Ship By” date vs the “Expiration” date results in a decrease of warranty life. But that is pure speculation as I have not called Dexcom Technical Support to ask them about the warranty on the transmitter in the new packaging.

I also notice a new FDA PMA supplement on file.
Decision Date: 04/24/2019
“Approval for minor design changes to the firmware installed on the transmitter component of the Dexcom G5 Mobile Continuous Glucose Monitoring System.”


Pretty sure this is the newer transmitter that has a smaller battery inside as well.

I wonder if restarting it will change this version?

That I don’t know.
However the external dimensions of this newer “81” transmitter are exactly the same as the older “80” transmitter.

Yes. That is a question…

Do you get one transmitter at a time? I think many got 2 G5s in one order, so the battery had to last longer to support 2nd one.

When ordering DME from medical supply companies like Byram or Dexcom (direct) then we get two G5 or two G6 transmitters in a single order. We would get a single G4 in an order.

But when ordering via pharmacy then we get one transmitter at a time. However the pharmacy is so much easier it is ridiculous.

Perhaps for you. For us, the pharmacies we go to are a PITA. The Target pharmacy used to be awesome, but since it got taken over by CVS, it’s so bad we stopped going there. Walgreens is a crap-shoot, and Safeway–don’t get me started on their incompetence. I’d rather do my monthly orders via an email questionnaire and see my stuff sitting on the doorstep in a week or less. No waiting in lines at Walgreens. Don’t your pharmacies have lines where u live?? They are ridiculous here.

Agree… I paid cash for G6 at Costco, and very easy. But my insurance only covers prescriptions from Caremark or CVS, or DME from their list of suppliers (Byram). Would definitely use Costco if covered, but have confirmed they don’t.

Did you try putting a script through?
(Much easier to simply try it as opposed to calling the insurance or PBM and asking)

It helps if you provide the NDC codes.

Yesterday was the first time I ever tried the Costco Pharmacy and it will be my last. The cost was higher and when I went in to pick it up (faxed order from the day before) at 10:15 they said it wasn’t delivered to the store yet. Sigh. Luckily I also had a paper rx with me which I took over to Walgreens. They filled it in 15 minutes (yeah!) and it was 30% cheaper. So much for Costco being a good deal on drugs (and it was generic).

huh? don’t doctor’s offices fill out Rx’s; not us patients?

The Doc writes the script.
The pharmacy uses the NDC codes to fill the script.

For something which the Pharmacist is unfamiliar with, one can grease the wheels and increase chance of success with an assist to the Pharmacist with the NDC codes.

Yes, I had local CVS check it first, using script/NDC that I then used at Costco as cash pay/rebate.

Will switch insurance soon, and will definitely check again.

Doesn’t telling the pharmacist NDC codes bypass the doctor? Why would the pharmacy just fill an Rx based on some codes you give to them?

Providing NDC codes, in addition to the RX, helps pharmacist get exactly the right item, especially when there are several items with similar descriptions (G4, G5,G6 sensors could easily be confused).

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BTW, the cost Costco quotes you is not the same if you belong to their pharmacy program (free) . It’s kind of stupid I know, but until you put in a prescription and go to pick it up, that is when you find out the actual cost. It’s very weird, but that is how they function for some reason.

I agree. I started getting my supplies via Express Scripts and it quite easy. I called first to confirm it was covered by my pharmacy benefits, then had my endo send in the script. Not sure if it included the NDC code. I had my sensors in less than a week.

As for Dexcom, last week they shipped sensors against a standing order I cancelled in March. It took me three CS calls and a week to get the appropriate return shipping label. First they told me I didn’t need one (not true). Next they agreed I needed one. The one they sent had my address for both ‘to’ and ‘from’. Then they told me it didn’t make any difference. FedEx would fix it (not true). On Wednesday I called again but the rep couldn’t find a record of my previous calls so I had to explain the situation again in painstaking detail and then wait on hold for 20 minutes while she checked it out. I finally got the correct label and shipped the sensors back yesterday. Now I only hope they have their act together and will issue credit when they receive them. Frustrating. The only bright spot? My three-year old daughter likes dancing to Dexcom’s hold music.


ha ha ha

Awesome to be able to find the bright spot !!!

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