Do G6 sensors really "expire"?

I’m about to move from G5 to G6, and because Dexcom made a wrong assumption last year, now have five extra sensors. I find that reassuring, because of the number of times Dexcom had to replace G5 sensors, and the number of times within that that they replaced them very slowly.

The G6 labels say they expire this July. I don’t think they’re “smart,” unlike the transmitter. My operating assumption is that if I hit blood on insertion and have to call for a replacement, I simply do not know the lot number or any other identifying information. I think they ALWAYS ask for my transmitter serial number, even though the transmitter almost never is the problem.

Also, if anyone is in need, when I change to G6 I will have a number of G5 sensors and an untouched transmitter that should find a new home. Machiya at rdrop dot com.

Yes and no.

I would qualify “expiration” in a more practical way by just classifying their performance as ‘accurate’ or ‘inaccurate’ enough to meet your comfort level.

You are correct that they are not smart.

I called for replacements last week and they arrived today. I was asked for the lot number. Surprisingly, I was also asked to mail them the sensors that malfunctioned by not retracting. Tech support must be analyzing and addressing those failures. But, the one where it failed by bleeding, they did not ask me to mail back to them.

I would recommend you hang on to those extras in case you come up short on G6’s because of failures or slow shipping. Consider using all the G5 first and building a stockpile of G6 because there is a high likelihood that you will have a failure with those and come up short.


Once again, I am not introducing my subject clearly. The 5 extra sensors are G6. Dexcom screwed up on a quarterly order last year and sent 9 G6 sensors and a G6 transmitter rather than 13 G5 sensors and a G5 transmitter. They would not accept the order back, and I donated it to my endo’s office. By the time I grudgingly agreed to move to G6, the transmitter and 4 of the sensors had been donated to other patients.

So I have extras without having to squeeze additional time out of them. I always use the oldest first, rearranging my stack whenever a newer replacement comes in. Just a little compulsive…


You can use sensors past expiration date, they will still work. I have used G4 sensors 1 year past expiration. Transmitter can also be used, but will have lost some battery power, so may not last 90 days.

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These are now long gone to a local person. I do see responses from others in the same transitional situation who have extras, so it’s worth posting a plea for them in all the places diabetics might haunt.

I am pretty certain that I will expire long before my Dexcom sensors go bad and I do plan to live a long and healthy life. :rofl: