Dexcom G6 sensor shelf life moving to 18 months vs 12?

More a question than a statement since at the moment all I have is an anecdote to pass on for whatever it’s worth.

In the short time (4 boxes or 12 sensors) I’ve been using the G6 the difference between manufacturing date and the “Use By Date” has been 12 months. Today I got refill box of sensors and that shelf life just jumped to not quite 18 months. :thinking:

Mostly posting out of curiosity to see if anyone else starts noticing the “Use By Date” on their G6 sensors moves out sometime during the upcoming year.

My most recent shipment doesn’t show the manufacturing date at all. Previous shipments did. Here’s a snapshot of the label.

I just noticed that that box contains just one sensor that was a replacement for a faulty one. The other boxes of that era only contained a 12-month difference between the manufacturing date and the use by date.

I just got a shipment and it was 12 months. 1-28-2021 - 1-28-2022